Ronaldinho and WSC, to launch first “block chained” digital-real soccer stadiums

WSC launches a revolutionary soccer business including both digital and real services in cooperation with a former member of the Brazil soccer team, Ronaldo de Assís Moreira: The Ronaldinho Digital Stadiums.

WSC plans to develop stadiums in 300 locations including Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countrieswithin three years. The


stadiums will be created using cutting-edge digital technologies such as block chain, AI and VR.
Construction plans have already been confirmed in more than ten locations around the world. The voice on these stadiums will be spread through a franchise chain (FC) system under which WSC will work in alliance with soccer-related business owners around the globe.

The business has also a pro bono side under the Smile Project that will donate soccer goods to children; prepare facilities whare people with disabilities can enjoy sports safely and offer high quality programs to promising young players, such as studying abroad.

Three busines inside one

The Ronaldinho Digital Stadium comprises three business and services areas: The ronaldinho Superleague; e-Sports and Betting.

Ronaldinho Super League.- Participation is open to all players from around the world including both professionals and amateurs. Super league will be held throughout the year in each country and region and a championship tournament will be held once or twice a year.
Using video analysis technology which implements cameras and AI, all the players’ skills and abilities will be digitally analyzed and compiled in a database (DB). The database will be built out using block chain technologies and offer a high level of objectivity and reliability.

Brazil’s Ronaldinho celebrates after he scored their second goal against Ecuador in their 2010 World Cup qualifying soccer match in Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro October 17, 2007. REUTERS/Bruno Domingos (BRAZIL)

e-Sports.- An online platform in collaboration with soccer game companies around the world. In addition to the leagues and tournaments hosted by WSC, use of the platform through peer-to-peer (P2P) will be available. Events hosted by famous soccer players such as Ronaldinho will be held.

Betting.- A range of betting services will be available such as Super League and e-Sports match predictions alongside support for a team and players. A system that is accessible with ease by computers, smartphones and other devices around the world will be developed.

Payments secured through block chain tech

A payment system with safety and speed will be developed based on block chain technology. This system will become a core service which has worldwide availability and a high level of security.

Ronaldinho will participate in this project as a partner. Born in Brazil, he went on to make Barcelona, Paris Saint-German, AC Milan and other places his stage over the years, becoming a superstar in the soccer world.

Having retired from his career as a soccer player in January 2018, Ronaldinho has a passion to “offer an environment where soccer can be enjoyed by children all over the world”. He wishes to eliminate a gap in the soccer world, caused by economies and politics, with this project. A part of the revenue from the business will be used for Smile Project.

Image over the headline.- Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Photo: Business Wire)

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