Arthur Sadoun (Presidente & CEO entrante de Grupo Publicis) -izquierda- and Maurice Lévy (Presidente &CEO de Grupo Publicis ). © Publicis Group.

Sadoun takes the reins of Publicis starting off a deep cultural change

Arthur Sadoun (President & CEO Publicis Group). © Publicis Group.

Once carried out a deep structural transformation headed by Maurice Lévy, Sadoun makes clear he will not change this. Maurice Levy has left the mark very high as he has led Publicis Groupe to become one in the three major ad groups in the sector from the tiny parisian agency it was 19 years ago.Just doing half of a bit ha has done we would drive Publicis to become a company bigger than Apple or Google.

The major challenge for Publicis today is not that of the structural transformation, but that of the cultutural transformation. The challenge of changing the way we work together inside the company and with the clients. This cultural transformation will bring as well a change in the way we reward and nurture our employees inside the group. These among other interesting things has said Arthur Sadoun last 31st May, the day in which he took the reins of Publicis Group from the hands of Maurice Lévy.

Here below you can find the link with the corporate video to watch and listend what he had to say about Publicis Groupe’s future.

Image over the headline.- Arthur Sadoun (incoming President &CEO Publicis Group) -left- and Maurice Lévy (exiting Chairman & CEO Publicis Group). © Publicis Group.

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