El Sol 2018.- Interview with Malcolm Poynton: “For me the great idea is paramount”

East eats West (East eats West) this was the title of the conference offered by Malcom Poyntom (Global Chief Creative Officer Cheil Worldwide) at the El Sol Festival held in its 2018 edition in Bilbao.

Malcolm Poynton (Global Chief Creative Officer Cheil Worldwide)at El Sol 2018. © Eastwind.
Malcolm Poynton (Global Chief Creative Officer Cheil Worldwide)at El Sol 2018. © Eastwind.

Poynton talked with our editor, Eva González, for a few minutes, in an exclusive interview for our readers about the role played by technology in advertising and the current creative language; also on the inspiration that comes from Asia, about the importance of data as an ingredient of creativity…but this creative who does consider his career long, but rather intense, this creative who managed to take Sapient, one of most deeply tech rooted agencies in the world to the top, this creative born in New Zealand, who today works with one of the leading tech multinationals, the Korean Samsung, this top creative has something clear: The great idea is the most important thing.

“Every great technology is a great idea, for me the idea is paramount”, he underscored.

In the interview, Poynton answers the following questions:

1.- Was there a before and after coming to Sapient in the way of thinking and creating of Malcolm Poynton?

2.- He spoke of Asia as a source of inspiration and as a driver of change in the language of advertising. Is technology another of these drivers of change in language, advertising creativity?

3.- He has spoken of utility, of useful creativity. Is this something that serves or fits only Smasung or also serves other brands?

4.- To what extent is Asia a source of inspiration for Malcolm Poynton personally?

5.- He was one of the responsibles for Real Beauty campaign for Dove. How was this creativity conceived to be so effective at the point of bringing the brand to the ground and connect with consumers going from the segment of body hygiene to the cosmetics and beauty stage?

6 .- Which is the ingredient that makes Smasung being considered so many times and in many different festivals -including El Sol 2018- as Creative Advertiser of the Year?

7.- If you just had enough money to choose between a great idea and a great technology, which one would you pick?

Image over the headline.- Malcolm Poynton (Global Chief Creative Officer Cheil Worldwide)at El Sol 2018. © Eastwind.

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