Eastwind interview with Rei Inamoto, President of the Digital Craft jury at Cannes Lions 2019

The entreprenneur and digital guru, Rei Inamoto, Founding Partner of Inamoto & Co (USA), will take part at cannes Lions 2019 heading the Digital Craft jury. Former leader of the WPP digital agency called AKQA, he served as Mobile Lions President in 2013.

Inamoto has been named as one of the “Top 25 most Creative People in Advertising” by Forbes magazine.
He has been one of the key speakers at the cdec 2019, organised by the Spaniard Club de Creativos and held in San Sebastián (Spain) at the end of March. There he also found some time to answer an exclusive interview for Eastwind readers.

An exclusive interview for Eastwind followers

Inamoto kindly answered nine questions and some more we don’t include here, including a tip for retailers in the e-commerce era. Find at the end of this post (in the Related Eastwind Marketing links section) the link with the interview with Rei Inamoto published on the eastwindmagazine YouTube channel and just below a guide to the minute where you will find each question on the video:

1.- Talking about your experience as a twin brother…How important is it to stand out or differenciate oneself against others? minute 0:35

2.- How can a company leader discern a strong belief vs a dogma able “to crash the ship against the cliffs”? minute 2:20

3.- Is there a special reason for wearing such a big red star on your black T-shirt? minute 5:10


Rei Inamoto while interviewed by Eastwind on the sidelines of the cdec 2019. © Eastwind.

4.- Which is the main lesson you learnt from the choice of your father, who decided to leave his engineering career to become a carpenter? minute 7:27

5.- How and when you changed from being just a designer to become also a maker, a person that makes things happen going further from the ideasto the facts? minute 8:52

6.- How did you contribute to turn Toyota into “the most human car manufacturer”? minute 9:42

7.- How did you come up with the idea of the digital personal shopper for UNIQLO? minute 12:21

8.- Are data in the origin of the creative ideas or do they (data) come after? minute 14:25

9.- Any warn or tip for retailers in the e-commerce era? minute 15:23

Inamoto: There are two fields where humans can still overcome intelligent machines

Four tips drawn from his own life experience, the traits of creativity for the new economy and how to survive the advent of the machines were the contents of the talk offered by Rei Inamoto (Consultant of innovation in his company Inamoto.co and ex DCE of AKQA) to those who populated the Kursaal on the morning of April 30, 2019.

Having a clear vision and being convinced of what we do, turning our disadvantages into advantages, tenacity and optimism are essential to succeed not only in business but in life, explained this Japanese creative who studied art and about 5 years ago who founded his own technology consulting.

Creativity for the new economy should have the following features in Inamoto’s view: Clarity, mastery, tenacity and humility.

Rei Inamoto during his conference at the cdec 2019. © Eastwind.

Endorsing the statement of a Microsoft engineer, Rei Inamoto predicted from the stage of the Kursaal: “Your job will be gone in 10 years.” And not only in the area of ​​advertising creativity, because the accelerated development of artificial intelligence and, with it, the efficiency of robots and certain computer programs will make the most routine tasks or that require standard skills to be assumed by the machines in the not too distant future.

There are two fields where human beings can still outperform machines, he said: the preliminary moments of the production process in which something is created from nothing and those advanced levels in the production chain where they are able to provide a perfection level beyond that machines can achieve.

Find an extract of Rei Inamoto’s conference at the cdec 2019 at the end of this post in the Related Eastwind marketing links section.

Image over the headline.- Rei Inamoto during his conference at the cdec 2019. © Eastwind.

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