IKEA hires reputed ad creative Linus Karlsson as CCO: “The brain wants to have fun”

Former Crispin Porter + Bogusky Global CCO Linus Karlsson will join IKEA as Chief Creative Officer next 1st April.
His main objective will be setting the creative direction for IKEA Range and Marketing & Communication. The role also includes to creatively lead and inspire the many co-workers and collaboration partners throughout the IKEA network.

Linus Karlsson has worked with IKEA as a consultant in several creative projects on and off since early 2012. His previous engagement and work for IKEA includes being a guest speaker, creative leader, and content partner.

New creative feed for IKEA’s already creative DNA

“We want to strengthen how we cater for creativity in our daily work with design, product development, marketing and communication. How we take care of creative ideas and turn them into a reality of IKEA products and solutions that can meet the many people. As Chief Creative Officer, Linus Karlsson will be an accelerator, bouncing board and source of inspiration and experience. And we´re really happy to have him in this role,” says Fredrika Inger, Range & Product Development Manager at IKEA of Sweden AB.

“Creativity sits in the DNA of IKEA, but we constantly need to boost it and feed our imagination to assure that we capture people´s needs and dreams in our future range, in new and diverse ways of communicating and in how we share our offer with the many people. The Chief Creative Officer will play a key role in this,” says Erika Intiso, Marketing and Communication Manager at IKEA of Sweden AB.

“Creativity lives in the DNA of IKEA and in everyone who works here. My job is to be an accelerator and enabler so that all the fantastic ideas, thoughts, knowledge and creativity inside all of us can come out somehow. That’s my job,” Karlsson explains.

Creativity is a team sport and let herself spring when having fun

Linus Karlsson with his dog, called Peach. © IKEA.

Creativity has been at the centre of Linus career since 1990, when he graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and got his first job at an agency. Since then, he has taken on challenges after challenges connected to creativity and communication and is today one of the advertising industry’s most respected and honoured creative executives. But he is just as humble as he is honoured and respected underscores IKEA.

”I´m excited to join IKEA in this role because in its soul, IKEA is a creativity company and my job together with all my colleagues will be to feed it, boost it and make sure it comes out. I see IKEA as a way of thinking and living, with Democratic Design at the core. And that deeply motivates me, because it’s inherently a commitment to social justice,” says Linus Karlsson.

“I’ve never told anyone this, but for the past ten years, I’ve had a secret goal to come up with one really good idea every day. That often happens when I take those long walks with Peach -his dog-”,Karlsson says.

“Creativity is a team sport. If you really want to achieve extraordinary results, togetherness is critical. To feel part of a bigger context than ourselves, with seemingly impossible goals, is very important. Creativity and ideas love that environment”…“Combining creativity and imagination can give you an actual super power. Some of the best athletes knows this. They have already thought of what to do if they get the chance to do it. A football player has already imagined scoring from half the field, and when you get the chance, you take it, and you score that beautiful goal you always wanted to do. At that point is not impossible to actually do it, it’s understanding opportunity that’s key. This embodies the saying ‘everything is impossible until someone made it’,” he adds.

“I once saw an ad in a newspaper that said, ‘The brain wants to have fun’ and I have carried that inside me ever since. The brain thinks that it’s fun to solve problems, and the fun then also applies to creativity.”

Image over the headline.- Linus Karlsson (CCO at IKEA).© IKEA.

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