Serviceplan adquiere el 51porc de Equmedia

Serviceplan grows in Spain through the purchase of the independent media agency Equmedia

The German Group Serviceplan and the Spanish independent media agency Equmedia announced yesterday at a press conference that Serviceplan has acquired a majority stake ( 51%) in the share capital of Equmedia.

The management team at Equmedia remains unchanged. The founding partners will keep their executive leading positions and they have signed a contract to continue in their positions for an initial period of 7 years.

Both parties, Equmedia and Serviceplan, have agreed that the final amount to be paid by the German company will depend on the economical results obtained by Equmedia in the next 7 years. The tentative price of the transaction has not been revealed.

Equmedia gets integrated into the House of Communications. After this purchase The House of Communications in Spain now is comprised with Serviceplan (creative agency formerly called Publips), Alma Mediaplus (media agency now renamed as Mediaplus Alma), Equmedia (rebranded as Mediaplus Equmedia) and Plan. Net (now operating under The Marcom Engine brand), a digital agency providing services to the BMW and Mini automotive brands for the Spanish market.

The management teams of all these agencies report to Gerardo Mariñas (previously CEO of GroupM) and from October 2022 CEO of The House of Communications in Spain.

For now Mediaplus Equmedia Keep their respecive headquarters but the idea is moving all the agencies in The House of Communications into the same headquarters. A joint headquarter placed on a location Still to be selected.

José Luis de Rojas, CEO of Mediaplus Equmedia, explained to Eastwind that Equmedia has been collaborating with Serviceplan for several years, the same has happened with Alma Media before they were acquired by the German Group. “It has been a long courtship that has ended in a wedding, so to speak,” said de Rojas.

The CEO of Mediaplus Equmedia recognized during the press conference that this acquisition by Serviceplan is probably the most relevant change in the long history of this Spanish independent media agency now becoming international and able to offer its clients all the services and benefits that Serviceplan can provide around The World.

With €122,22 million Equmedia ranks 12th in InfoAdex list of the media agencies by amount of ad investment in media managed in Spain in 2022.

Serviceplan Group is a technological powerhouse and a leading agency in the media field thanks to Mediaplus brand. It also owns one of the largest creative agencies in the world and is a leader in the digital and technology field through Plan.Net (now operating as The Marcom Engine in Spain).

Thanks to its integration into The House of Communications, Mediaplus Equmedia will have access to innovative tools, technologies as well as to the technological development hubs that the Serviceplan Group owns in Europe and Asia.

Matthias Brüll, Global CEO of Mediaplus, explained that Serviceplan was a success story with more than 50 years and that in the last 5 years the group had gained many big clients and carried out some acquisitions. But to gain size it is important, he pointed, becoming more relevant in each market. The is consistent with the objective of gaining relevance in the Spanish market, one of which is undoubtedly very important for the German multinational, Brüll underscored.

Zertem Group leaves Equmedia but not Alma

Zertem has transferrred to the individual shareholders the share the Spanish Group owned so far. Once done this transaction a 51% of Equmedia’s capital equity was sold to Serviceplan.

The founders of the Spanish agency, and all members of the company’s management team, retain 41% of the share capital of this long-standing Spanish media agency.
The same has not happened in the case of Mediaplus Alma, where Zertem still retains a minority stake.

Operating in Spain since 2016

Serviceplan acquired a 51% of Alma Media in 2006 and, true to its strategy of keeping local partners in each country where it operates involved in both the management and shre ofbenefits of the business, the founding partners of Alma and Zertem are still the owners of the remaining 49% of the company’s share capital.

In 2021, this not listed independent European multinational increased its stake in the Valencian agency Publips Serviceplan to a 100% of its share capital. Since then, Publips Serviceplan fully changed its brand into Serviceplan and operates just under the Serviceplan brand till today.

Gross income at of €739 million worldwide and gross turnover at €170 million from the media area in Spain alone

The worldwide gross income reached in the latest fiscal year by Serviceplan was €739 million with a recommendation score amog its clients at 82% , stated Gerardo Mariñas (CEO of The House of Communications in Spain).

Mariñas also pointed out that Serviceplan is a Group that empowers women, in fact we have a 42% of women in leadership positions, he stressed. And in Spain we have Ana (he referred to Ana Vaquerizo -Director of Customer Services at Equmedia-) and we have Celia (he referred to Celia Caño -General Director and shareholder of Equmedia-) so we are very well represented in this area.
The level of recommendation of the company by its clients in Spain reaches 87% score, well above the group average, Mariñas added.

According to the data provided by José Luis de Rojas, CEO of Mediaplus Equmedia, information corroborated by Gerardo Mariñas, the two agencies integrated into the House of Communications operating under the Mediaplus brand in Spain (Mediaplus Equmedia and Mediaplus Alma) contributed with €170 million gross turnover to the total of the Group during the last financial year. Both Spanish media companies employ around 100 people as a whole in Spain.

A 62% of our clients worldwide receive a comprehensive service (not just media planning and purchasing) Gerardo Mariñas (CEO of The House of Communications in Spain) pointed.

Building the best brands in 4 continents

Established 53 years ago in Germany, the now global Serviceplan Group employs more than 5,500 colleagues (so they consider and name their employees) and operates under the global leadership of Florian Haller in 42 markets located in four continents: Europe (Germany Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria ,Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Latvia); America (United States and South America -Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia -associated with Ariadna agency-); Asia (Turkey, the Middle East -Dubai-, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan -associated with Hakuhodo-); and Oceania (Australia).

The Group offers its services through 40 specialized companies

BMW, C&A, Delonghi, Lufthansa and many other leading international brands have chosen Serviceplan, and independent and integrated group guided by the Überkreativitat.
The German Group obtains an average gross turnover of €6.6Bn from the services that offers worldwide through 40 specialized companies.

Image above the headline.– From the right to the left: José Luis de Rojas (CEO of Mediaplus Equmedia), Matthias Brüll (Global CEO of Mediaplus), Gerardo Mariñas (CEO of the House of Communications in Spain) and José Carlos Gutierrez (Managing Partner of Mediaplus Alma). Image, courtesy of Mediaplus Equmedia, adapted by Eastwind.

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NOTE for our readers.- This post is a translation to English of another post published last 9th October on the Spanish edition of Eastwind Marketing magazine.

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