SKT launches metaverse app and platform ifland

SK Telecom (SKT) has announced the lauch of ‘Ifland’, a new Metaverse platform designed to maximize user experience through diverse virtual spaces and avatars.
SKT plans to grow Ifland into the representative Metaverse platform in the 5G era by enhancing user convenience based on its advanced technologies and knowhow accumulated through the operation of Metaverse services like ‘Social VR’ and ‘Virtual Meet-up.’

SKT plans to boost the popularization of Ifland by running special programs and providing contents that meet the needs of users, such as late-night movie screenings and meditation programs.
Ifland is now available for Android OS and will later become available for iOS and VR device Oculus Quest OS.

“Armed with powerful contents and social features that meet the needs and interests of the MZ Generation, Ifland is set to fully support users’ Metaverse life,” said Jeon Jin-soo, President of Metaverse CO at SKT.

Wide range of items for avatar personalization, emotional and socializing features

To allow users, especially the MZ generation, to better express themselves and their personalities in the Metaverse, Ifland offers a wide variety of virtual avatars and enables users to customize their avatars using a total of 800 different virtual items including costumes, hairstyles, and so on. They can also use 66 different emotional expressions to engage in rich communication with others. SKT plans to keep adding emotional expressions to reflect the user trend.

Winning the race at ifland. © SKT

Users can enjoy socializing and networking with others in the Metaverse by following others and sharing their interests and hobbies through user profiles.
After selecting a virtual space, users can also make advanced settings by choosing from multiple concepts for decoration – i.e. weather, time, flooring materials and wallpapers.

Eyeing the professional and the company market as well

In addition, to better support meetings, presentations and conferences taking place in the Metaverse, SKT enables users to easily share PDF documents and MP4 video files with others within Ifland.

Furthermore, SKT plans to create new opportunities for users to build new careers in the Metaverse th For instance, the company will hold large-scale events targeting the MZ generation such as forums, lectures, festivals, concerts and fan meetings in Ifland, and provide diverse contents that users can experience, such rough the ‘Influencer Nurturing Program,’ while providing businesses with new and innovative ways of marketing by enabling them to meet customers in Ifland.

A conference/presentation/event at ifland. © SKT

At present, each virtual room can accommodate up to 130 participants and plans are ahead for the company to gradually increase the number of participants so that Ifland can flawlessly support large-scale conferences joined by hundreds of participants.

Easy to use

The company applied a more intuitive user interface (UI) to allow anyone to enjoy the Metaverse in a simple and easy way.
Upon activating the app, users can check and update their status and avatars, which appear on the upper part of the screen, and view a list of Metaverse rooms recommended based on their usage patterns.

With friends at the barin ifland. © SKT

Users can also open Metaverse rooms by tapping the “Open a Room” icon on the lower half of the screen. They can choose from 18 different types of virtual spaces, including conference halls, outdoor stages and rooftops, and plans are underway to keep adding more virtual environments.

Image over the headline.- Camping with friends at ifland.© SKT

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