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SmartMedia launches ad NFT platform for agencies and advertisers

SmartMedia Technologies is launching The SmartMedia Lab: a self-service platform that allows agencies and brands to create immersive mobile advertising campaigns using its proprietary non-fungible tokens (NFTs), known as SmartMedia Objects (SMOs).
With the release of SmartMedia Objects, SMT cements the notion that NFT technology is here to stay, and expands its application across the sales and marketing funnel.

SMOs, the NFTs with app look and feel

Following the initial NFT blueprint, the trademarked SMOs evolve and expand upon the original concept. Unlike a standard NFT, SMOs are highly programmable, AR/VR enabled, network aware, and have the ability to run autonomous long-running code, making them artificially intelligent. They look like an App, feel like an App, and can be acquired, picked up or dropped using any HTML browser, all without download. Users can buy, sell and trade them just like a cryptocurrency on any of the NFT exchanges. Additionally, SMOs can be programmatically distributed and attributed back to a user or paid media channel without the use of cookies.

SmartMedia Objects are the future of NFTs in the advertising space, acting as a valuable tool by allowing brands to engage directly with their consumers and ultimately decentralizing advertising all together. With the frontier of a cookieless digital world nearing, SMT delivers advanced solutions by providing autonomy over creative detail in digital engagement and secure first-party consumer data to brands.

Endless campaign possibilites further than giveaways

Having delivered SMO campaigns for top brands like MillerLite, Fjallraven and Ben & Jerry’s, SMT continues to help brands drive retail sales through innovative and interactive campaigns. In a campaign for Avocados of Mexico for Super Bowl LIV, SMT developed a consumer engagement reward system in which users were given the opportunity to acquire or win a SMO, the golden Avocado, worth $10,000.

“We are helping brands innovate and rethink what is possible when it comes to audience activation and engagement,” says Moebius. “We’ve seen the most widely used application of SMOs by our brands thus far in the form of giveaways to acquire new customers. However, the campaign possibilities are endless.”

“It’s extremely exciting to see others finally realizing the potential of NFTs that our team has always believed in,” says Tyler Moebius (digital pioneer and CEO/CTO of SmartMedia Technologies ). “While many industries scramble to jump on the bandwagon now, SMT has been building and perfecting our SMOs for years, delivering secure and intelligent NFT campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.”

The innovative campaigns that the SmartMedia Lab can produce are only made possible by leveraging the tenants inherent to blockchain and NFTs. As a company who has been at the forefront of NFT technology since 2018, the recent buzz surrounding NFTs comes as no surprise to Moebius.

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