Spotify enters India with Amarjit Batra as Country Director

Spotify, a leading music streaming service, is available in India today with all-new features tuned to Indian music fans’ personal tastes.
Spotify’s India launch follows the company’s recent expansion across MENA and South East Asia, bringing the total number of Spotify markets to 79 with 207m users, including 96m subscribers, globally.

Today’s launch in the world’s second most populous country (over 1.3bn people), Spotify is making its way to the fastest growing market globally for mobile apps. The number of active internet users in India is estimated at over 400m, as mobile Internet and smartphones become faster and more affordable.

“We see a huge potential in the market with music fans who have yet to migrate onto a preferred streaming platform. Spotify can offer a seamless personalized streaming experience whenever and wherever they want, and with a platform that’s customised just for the Indian market, ” Amarjit Batra (Managing Director, Spotify India) said.

“Spotify’s arrival in India is a big step forward in our overall global growth strategy. A fundamental piece of that strategy is staying connected to global culture while allowing room for local adaptation, and we’ve certainly achieved that with our India launch,” said Cecilia Qvist, Spotify’s Global Head of Markets. “We’ve worked closely with local teams of musicians, creators and cultural tastemakers to ensure Spotify is going to be loved, used and favored by people all over India whether they’re listening to local Bollywood and Punjabi hits, or discovering curated global playlists of K-pop or Reggaeton.”

Spotify comes to India offering the best listening experience in local and international music, with the Spotify app available to download for free or with an upgrade to Spotify Premium for only INR 119 per month.

Tuned to the indians’ needs, but also with global features

Spotify has redesigned the music experience for India with a fresh set of exclusive features:

1.- Multi-language music recommendations: With many Indians speaking several local languages, Spotify’s music recommendation engine can now be tuned to Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Indian users can select their preferred language(s) to receive tailored Daily Mix, Home, Radio, Search results and recommendations.

2.- Spotify Free with total control: For the first time ever on Spotify Free, smartphone users can play every song on demand.

3.- Playlists made for India: Expertly curated and regularly updated by our team of Indian music experts, new playlists include Indiestan, Rap91, Namaste Love, Punjabi101, Bollywood Butter, Top Hits in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi. These sit alongside our celebrated international playlists including Mint, RapCaviar, Viva Latino and the This is… artist compilations. Add billions of creator and fan-built playlists to the mix and Spotify has a playlist for any mood or moment.

4.- Spotify goes to the movies: Introducing Starring…, a series of playlists featuring the best music from the most popular Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Punjabi actors. Spotify’s recommendations will also include songs from India’s favourite movies and actors.

5.- City playlists: Find out what’s hot in the city, with new algorithmic playlists tracking what’s trending in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

Also the same Spotify as everywhere else, Spotify comes to India with its unrivalled mix of features that have made it the world’s most popular music app, including more than 40m songs offering the hottest Indian and international music, best-in-class personalised music recommendations and the freedom to play across a wide range of devices and app integrations.

“We are coming to India during an exciting period for music: both international and regional content preferences are booming. For example, we’ve seen K-pop climb the Indian charts at the same time that Punjabi music has become a national phenomenon. Additionally, there’s been a rise in indie artists,” Batra explains.

And he continued: “We’re able to give users a distinct music experience, right from day one, that builds on the demand for genres of music across moods and moments. They can tap into over three billion playlists, and even have ones created specifically for India with the most popular local languages. Spotify will also enable them to discover new and local artists as they continue to break into the music scene.”

Inmage over the headline.- Amarjit Batra (Managing Director, Spotify India). © Spotify.

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