Tencent OMG and Omnicom partner to maximize marketing ROI

Tencent Online Media Group (OMG) announced today that it will partner with Omnicom Media Group, leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company to collaborate on the development of new consumer data interpretation methodologies.

Data cooperation between Tencent OMG and Omnicom Media Group began in late 2015 when an Omnicom Media Group client became the first automotive brand to launch video ads on Tencent’s social platform, WeChat.
Analytics from the initial trial revealed deviations between the brand’s TA profiles and the actual TA profiles represented by Tencent’s historical data. This finding, which was extremely valuable to Omnicom Media Group’s clients, led to the continued strategic partnership with Tencent signed today.

This agreement follows other signed by Tencent OMG with Publicis and Groupm (December 2015).

Creation of an insfrastructure devoted to maximize marketing ROI through data

Under the current partnership a superior infrastructure for holistic data mining and solutions will be created to provide advertisers with deeper consumer insights and improving media planning and buying efficiency. The two parties will explore and develop data models for eight different industries.

Tencent OMG will create target audience (TA) portraits for Omnicom Media Group’s clients using Tencent Smart Data.Tencent Smart Data uses intelligent calculation and accurate screening to create highly accurate TA profile through consumer demographic attributes, interests, and other online footprints. Accurate TA profiles allow advertisers to better serve consumers, reaching the right people at the right moment in an optimum media environment.

“Tapping the power of big data is key to maximizing marketing return on investment. By partnering with Tencent to uncover deeper data insights, we can offer our clients more accurate and efficient data solutions, as well as guidance for long-term digital strategy development,” said Doug Pearce, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Greater China. “The analytic testing we’ve already conducted is the first step in a successful collaboration with Tencent. Omnicom Media Group team and our clients will enjoy unprecedented opportunity for cross platform measurement to enhance performance marketing and improve accountability of data strategy.”

“I am pleased that Omnicom Media Group and Tencent are partnering to create an ecosystem for better data implementation,” said Steven Chang, Corporate Vice President of Tencent. “This partnership will provide positive benefits to enterprises through improved data to increase their insight into customers, improve their market position and service relationships.”

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