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The latest chapter on Twitter’s sale ‘soap opera’.- Musk publishes two memes mocking at Twitter’s denial to provide info on bots and Taylor’s announcement on suing him

Elon Musk issued this early morning (Madrid hour) two tweets mocking at Twitter’s denial to provide him with the information on fake users (bots) he had required and the announcement made by Bret Taylor (Chair of Twitter’s board of directors) on Twitter’s Board decission to pursue legal action before Delaware Court to enforce the merger agreement in the terms and price pacted by Tesla’s founder.

Find here below both memes:

Musk memes on pulling out of Twitters deal and sue by Twitter_11_07_2022
On the left, chest meme published by Musk on Twittera. On the right photo booth like pick series meme published as well by Elon Musk today. I enclose the link to Musk’s tweets at the end of this post.

Bret Taylor’s tweet and Musk’s memes follow Elon Musk’s declarations on his intention of pulling out of the 44Bn Twitter deal as reported last Saturday by Reuters’ Emma Jehle.

I provide a li k to the Bret taylor’s communication to the SEC at the end of this post.

As usual the memes have triggered millions of comments on the social network many of them in favor of Musk’s position in this issue. The same has happended with Bret Taylor’s announcement.

Image over the headline.- Elon Musk playing with Twitter. Twitter logo, ©Twitter. Photograph of Elon Musk, is an image by Steve Juvetson via Wikimedia Commons. To watch the original of the image and read the terms of the lisense, click here. Composition© Eastwind.

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