Viacom NEXT, to present the first ever VR music album

Viacom NEXT, the emerging technology group at Viacom and musician Hot Sugar, will present the world premiere of The Melody of Dust at the SXSW Virtual Cinema which runs from March 14th-16th.

In adition, the wide-eyed jovial kittens featured in Chocolate created by Tyler Hurd, will be a part of the SXSW Virtual Cinema.

The Melody of Dust and Chocolate are two of 38 unique VR experiences showcased in the SXSW Virtual Cinema.

“We are honored to have The Melody of Dust, the first of its kind deconstructed VR music experience, premiering at SXSW,” said Chaki Ng, SVP Viacom NEXT. “Our VR design and development team worked with Hot Sugar daily as VR development and music creation happened in parallel.” He added, “What makes The Melody of Dust unique is the whole experience is ‘the song,’ not just the audio soundtrack at the end. We believe this is a glimpse of what the future of music could look and feel like as you step into the mind of a musician.”

First of its kind VR album

The Melody of Dust is a deconstructed VR music collection that features 87 unique melodies created by Hot Sugar. To reveal the melodies, you explore the musician’s ethereal castle and are invited to pick up items that have a sound emanating from it. A variety of melodies are revealed when you toss three different objects into the reactive vortex. Eventually the vortex erupts, revealing a final unique song from Hot Sugar.

“I’ve always preached that any object in the universe is a musical instrument whether we know how to play it or not,” said Nick Koenig, also known as Hot Sugar. “With Viacom NEXT, we’ve created a VR experience that lets the user confirm that concept within the visual aesthetic of my videos.”

Nick Koenig is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his music under the name Hot Sugar. He is the founder of a musical philosophy referred to as Associative Music, a modernized branch of musique concrete. His latest project, The Melody of Dust premieres at SXSW alongside an album of the same name. Developed in collaboration with Viacom NEXT, the VR music experience is an extension of Hot Sugar’s musical philosophy. Nick Koenig was the subject of the feature length documentary Hot Sugar’s Cold World, which premiered at SXSW in 2015.


In this psychedelic cat-centric world of Chocolate, the hands of the user transform into cannons that spray cute, colorful chrome kittens onto a circle of people performing a ritualistic dance just for you, their robot god.

Chocolate. © Viacom NEXT.
Chocolate. © Viacom NEXT.

One shoots  giant shock waves into the vast, liquid-like landscape while a herd of giant cat heads migrate in the distance, and a massive tribal chief cat celebrates by spraying champagne.
The name Chocolate reminds the song of the same name by Giraffage

About Viacom NEXT

In mid-2016, Viacom NEXT assembled a team of creative professionals with backgrounds in film, theater, app development, games and engineering to produce original VR experiences. Other recent Viacom NEXT VR productions include Chocolate created by Tyler Hurd, which premiered at Sundance and was recognized by The Verge as a Best Interactive Virtual Reality runner-up, and the game Smash Party VR, the hilarious hell-raising Virtual Reality collaboration with Titmouse, the Emmy award-winning animation studio.

Image over the headline.- Photogram of The Melody of Dust (Photo Business Wire)

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