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Want mobile gaming at console quality?, follow BBH’s no way innocent rabbit to the Samsung Exynos’ wonderland

The challenge: How to convince gamers to use the mobile phone to play, when image quality is far worse than that offered by the console devices?
An Alice-in-Wonderland-like rabbit that invites the girl hero to follow it, a lizard challenging her to a fight and an Underground market of weapons which definitely aren’t pixelated. All made possible with the new Samsung Exynos, the mobile GPU that delivers console-quality graphics.

This is the creative answer packed into an actually inmersive film that has been provided to Samsung’s challenge by BBH London.
Stu Royall, Creative Director at BBH, said: “This was a dream brief from our partners at Samsung. To launch a new processing unit, targeted at hardcore gamers is an incredible opportunity. Together, we’ve constructed an incredible, alternate universe full of rich detail, dangerous characters and even more dangerous weapons. There’s even a few additional details hidden in there to reward the most eagle-eyed gamers”.

A film directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen

Titled ‘The Marketplace’ the film has been directed by film and top European commercials director (as well as gamer) Matthijs Van Heijningen.
Heijningen acclaimed works include commercials such as the acclaimed ‘Ostrich’ (also for Samsung Electronics), ‘Vampire Party’ for Audi, and the multi award-winning spots ‘Bear’ and ‘Closet’, both for Canal+.

The production company was MJZ and the post-production house and creator of the film’s lead CGI characters: White Rabbit and Lizard was Paris-based digital effects specialist Mikros.

Van Heijningen had worked closely with Mikros on The Forgotten Battle, one of the most expensive Dutch films ever produced, which he directed for Netflix and is a streaming hit.
Live action was filmed on location in Kiev, with much done in-camera and significant time and effort invested in art department and wardrobe, with a high level of craft involved to maximise production quality (all costumes made, for example, were bespoke).

Original music was composed by Goldstein Music. Sound effects were done by 750mph.

The agency’s brief was to drive anticipation and excitement among keen gamers ahead of the launch of the first phones containing the new mobile processor, which features a state-of-the art mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) developed by Samsung in partnership with AMD.
The starting point was the idea that the new GPU would now make mobile gaming serious. This, in turn, inspired the ‘Playtime is over’ campaign theme and strapline, explains BBH.

Changwan Kim, Brand Manager at Samsung Electronics, said: “We wanted to implicitly express how the Exynos 2200 processor will bring differentiated gaming experience on mobile, in a short condensed fashion. We are very excited to see BBH’s creativity come to life in this adventurous hero film, and believe this project may be a big milestone that changes the course of how we promote semiconductor products in the future.”

Social first cross media campaign

The commercial was lauched on January 18th and will run until the end of February in the following social media: YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit and TikTok.

The film will be supported by cross-platform executions inspired by the creative concept and sharing the ‘Playtime is over’ theme, executed by Cheil Pengtai.

Image over the headline.- The Alice in wonderland like rabbit in The Marketplace.© BBH /Samsung

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