Who’s going to take the lion’s slice in the online music tart?

Songza, the free streaming music service that has expert-made playlists for every occasion and makes it outrageously easy to find the right one, at the right time, has confirmed some minutes ago that Google has purchased the company.

“We can’t think of a better company to join in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for everything you do. No immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter, and even more fun to use,” says Songza on its wewsite.

With music truck downloads declining and streaming services like Spotify or Pandora on the rise, Google is not the only tech company in the run to profit from the streaming music services with very diverse business concepts, some of them free, some of tem paid, some of them hybrid.

Google acquires Songza, Samsung closes its Music Hub and Beats purchase by Apple is still pending from the approval by the EU Commission. ¿Which company is positioning better to profit from the online music opportunity?

Pandora, Spotify and some others

As we said above there are other runners aside Google and Apple in this competition.
Pandora and Spotify on their side have an ubiquitous advantage as they are available both for ios and Android.
Far more, Spotify signed several years ago some agreements with SoundHound and Yahoo!, as there’s life for this streaming outside the smartphone ecosystem.

SoundHound entered the connected cars channel through an agreement with Hyundai. But I don’s consider this a clear advantage as any smartphone can be connected and managed from the screen of these kind of cars.

Apple, Google and the smartphone environment

Apple Inc agreed to purchase last May the paid music streaming service Beats Music along with Beats Electronics for $3Bn (around $2.6Bn price and approximately $400 million to be invested over time).
The acquisition agreement is still pending from the approval by the EU Commission.

Google itself has been taking steps in the streaming music services field since 2010, when the company first announced the launch of Google Play Music . Available in the US from November 2011, the service started to be offered at a $9.99 monthly play all access subscription in 2013.

Not just in the music but in the video sphere, Google recently announced plans to start off a paid streaming service on You Tube.
But there’s another move I think should be taken into account when considering the competition to take the biggest share on the online music revenues cake. Samsung closed Samsung Hub Music today offering clients two other alternatives: Milk Music (powered by Slaker), a free radio service with no ads, and Google Play Music., with a launch offer consisting of that Samsung customers are eligible for a 3 months free service.

Taking into account the number of Android users and the number of ios users in the world it is not difficult to foretell which company, Google or Apple is probably going to win a bigger slice of the mobile music tart in terms of users, may be not in terms of revenues, but let’s see. Leaving aside the USA, Google with its Android operative system seems to be better positioned than Apple and its ios in this run, specially if telcos as well as other handset manufacturers take the same choice as Samsung and Google manages to enhance its streaming service with new and convenient features.

Image over the headline.- Songza purchased by Google.© Songza.

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