AdMobilize to bring large scale OOH digital metrics to Brazil

Venture-backed technology company AdMobilize has announced yesterday at its booth in the Digital Signage Expo South America that the company has signed agreements with three of the main players in the OOH (out of home) market in Brazil: Outernet (OOH branch belonging to the massive media conglomerate Grupo Bandeiras); Otima and Inviron Technologies.

Outernet is an OOH media leading company operating more than 16,000screens in public transportation spaces and airports in 5 cities.
Otima is the outdoor media “top seller” in São Paulo with over 5,400 bus shelter advertising units installed and Inviron Technologies is a respected Content Management System provider in the region.

Outernet's screens in a Brazilian public transport bus. © Outernet.
Outernet’s screens in a Brazilian public transport bus. © Outernet.

AdMobilize will perform the first large scale deployment of people, vehicle, and crowd analytics in South America eyeing to lay the foundation for modern OOH media measurement in Brazil.

AdMobilize’s advanced computer vision technology will allow Outernet, Otima, and Inviron to optimize the effectiveness of their signage, increase revenue-making potential, and collect large amounts of data over time to identify trends and impact the full breadth of their business and industry as a whole.

Other players in the Brazilian OOH industry including retail and restaurant focused, Arvore and multinational, Clear Channel Brazil have begun to explore the benefits of AdMobilize Analytics.

AdMobilize has its headquarters in Miami, FL (USA) but also offices in London, UK and Bogota.
This company’s first product is the AdBeacon camera, the first “Plug and Measure” real-time audience hardware and analytics device for the physical world. Our latest product is MATRIX, a platform where people around the world can build and download Internet of Things applications.

AdMobilize's Beacon camera and metrics display. © AdMobilize
AdMobilize’s Beacon camera and metrics display. © AdMobilize

First negotiations and tests with Otima in 2015

Conversations between AdMobilize’s CEO, Rodolfo Saccoman, and its three partners began in 2015 at the Brazil Digital Signage Exhibition by ABMOOH, which is an entity that lobbies for the OOH and DOOH industries in Brazil. A few months later, AdMobilize and Otima were running a successful trial of AdBeacon technology on one of the most important thoroughfares of the city of São Paulo, Avenida Paulista.

“We are contributing with AdMobilize to test AdBeacon technology in the external environment. We are helping with some technical inputs to test the solution performance. We can say the experience with the software has been positive and enriching to us,” says Gustavo Brancante, Otima IT Manager.

Further AdBeacon tests in 2016

Beginning in June, 2016, AdBeacon camera units will be implemented in potentially three thousand of Outernet’s

AdMobilize Ad remote app for the  beacon camera system. © AdMobilize
AdMobilize Ad remote app for the beacon camera system. © AdMobilize

digital screens throughout Brazil’s buses, bus stations, and metro stations to collect real-time audience analytics including impressions, views, dwell time, age, gender, and emotion. “Our partnership with AdMobilize will allow our customers to meet the audience in more detail and in real time,” says Lyzbeth Cronembold, CIO Band Outernet.

Furthermore, Outernet and Otima will integrate AdBeacon software technology into their Inviron Content Management System to create dynamic content based on demographics and other triggers. This project will include gesture recognition by AdMobilize, which virtually makes any screen a touchscreen and gives people the chance to move content around on a screen, give a thumbs up to show support, draw, and more. “We are very optimistic about the integration with AdMobilize because it will bring real-world analyses provided by AdBeacon that add much value to the content displayed by our customer network,” says Douglas Pombo, CEO of Inviron Technologies S/A.

Image over the headline.- PRNewsFoto/AdMobilize, LLC

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