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AppLovin to acquire Twitter’s MoPub business for $1Bn

AppLovin Corporation (App) a leading marketing software company, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Twitter, Inc.’s (NYSE: TWTR) MoPub business for approximately $1Bn. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approvals.
The team currently working at MoPub willl be integrated in AppLovin.

MoPub is a tool and marketplace that allows developpers monetizing their mobile apps creating ad spaces linked to the programatic MoPub marketplace.
This transaction aims to yield a robust solution for mobile app publishers through increased revenue opportunity via more demand, and for mobile advertisers through access to millions of more consumers. MoPub software is used by 45,000 mobile apps to manage their monetization and reaches 1.5 billion addressable users around the world. AppLovin plans to integrate MoPub’s reach and product features into its existing platform to better maximize revenue growth and improve efficiencies for both MoPub and AppLovin customers.

“Ultimately this combination aims to continue the acceleration of the shift to in-app bidding that we have witnessed on our highly successful MAX in-app bidding solution. By doing so, we can continue to increase the transparency of pricing and improve efficiency by expanding access for both buyers and sellers.
We intend to merge the key features of MoPub into MAX to create an even more effective product offering”, Adam Foroughi (AppLovin CEO) in a blog post.
As a key part of the MoPub business is their exchange as it helps publishers drive increased revenue through access to more than 130 demand-side platforms (DSPs) representing thousands of brands competing for impressions “We are committed to unifying the DSP demand directly into our software with the goal of having DSPs gain materially more access to inventory” Foroughi continue in his blogpost.

AppLovin enables developers to market, monetize, analyze and publish their apps. The company’s first party content includes over 200+ popular, engaging apps and its technology brings that content to millions of users around the world. AppLovin is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with several offices globally, including one in Japan.

“In the first half of 2021, we drove almost 2 billion installs on our platform due in large part to customers that also leverage it for monetization. Those same customers are growing much faster than the market because they use our integrated platform to acquire users that meet and exceed their return-on-ad spend targets”, informed AppLovin CEO on his post.

Image over the headline.- Adam Foroughi (co Founder and CEO AppLovin). Images© AppLovin. Composition © Eastwind.

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