Super League acquires Bloxbiz metaverse ad platform for $6 million

Super League Gaming, a global leader in connecting consumer brands with video gamers of all ages in-stream, in-game, and in-content through creator communities, proprietary platforms, and esports properties, announced today the acquisition of Bloxbiz, a dynamic ad platform designed specifically for metaverse environments, for a total consideration of $6 million.

Launched in 2020 by Sam Drozdov and Ben Khakshoor, Bloxbiz’s initial deployment enables brands to advertise across popular Roblox game titles and helps Roblox creators with monetization and game analytics.
After the purchase Sam Drozdov, Co-Founder Bloxbiz becomes Director of Bloxbiz at Super League and Ben Khakshoor, the other Bloxbiz co-founder becomes Technical Director of Bloxbiz at Super League.

Ann Hand, Chairman and CEO of Super League and Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer, Super League Gaming. © Super League Gaming.

“We believe the acquisition of Bloxbiz is game-changing for Super League,” said Ann Hand, Chairman and CEO of Super League. “This deal allows us to execute on our plans to boldly extend our reach in the metaverse, something we hope will appeal to our investors and the broader market. We are thrilled to have the leader of in-game advertising on board to reach the vast audience that exists within Roblox.”

“The more time we spent with the Super League team, the more we realized that being a part of what they are building is the most energizing way to advance our vision for Bloxbiz,” said Sam Drozdov, Co-Founder and now Director of Bloxbiz at Super League. “Metaverse platforms are giving game designers and developers an increasingly important role within the creator economy. Bloxbiz was founded to help them generate revenue from brand partnerships based on the audiences that they command.”

Super League Gaming is a leading video game entertainment and experiences company that gives tens of millions of players multiple ways to create, connect, compete, and enjoy the video games they love. Fueled by proprietary and patented technology systems, the company’s offerings include gameplay properties in which young gamers form vibrant in-game communities, content creation platforms that power live broadcasts and on-demand video series that generate billions of views annually across the world’s biggest distribution channels, and competitive gaming tournaments featuring many of the most popular global titles. Through partnerships with top consumer brands, in-game player and brand monetization, and a fully virtual cloud-based video production studio, Super League is building a broadly inclusive business at the intersection of content creation, creator monetization, and both casual and competitive gameplay.

A strategical acquisition for Super League Gaming

This strategic acquisition of Bloxbiz adds to Super League’s already existing and rapidly expanding presence in the metaverse, specifically its Minecraft audience through three owned and operated properties:

a) Minehut, the largest Minecraft Java Edition community server host in North America, now with more than 4 million registered users.

b) Mineville and Pixel Paradise, two of seven official Minecraft servers accessible through Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, and Android, which reach more than 4.5 million players per month and entertained more than 22 million players in 2020.

Ben Khakshoor_Technical Director of Bloxbiz at Super League and Sam Drozdov_Director of Bloxbiz at Super League
Right to left: Ben Khakshoor,co-Founder and Technical Director of Bloxbiz at Super League and Sam Drozdov, Director of Bloxbiz at Super League.

Super League and the founders of Bloxbiz, Sam Drozdov and Ben Khakshoor, established a working partnership earlier this year, with Super League running multiple Roblox campaigns with top tier entertainment and streaming brands seeking fresh ways to connect with young audiences. Witnessing the success and broad advertiser appeal of the programs, the companies decided that a unified offering to the market would accelerate their collective growth objectives.

In the ingame advertising segment

“There are exactly three reliable ways for brands to initiate an authentic relationship with gamers in today’s media landscape – in-game, in-stream, and in-content,” said Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer, Super League Gaming. “Our acquisition of Bloxbiz puts Super League in an enviable position within the in-game advertising ecosystem. We can put marketers in front of a perennially elusive demographic audience at scale, while generating deserving revenue for enterprising game creators working hard to turn their passion into their livelihood.”

“Roblox is just the first stop on our mission to support creators across metaverse environments,” added Ben Khakshoor, Bloxbiz co-founder and now Technical Director of Bloxbiz at Super League. “Super League has momentum and trust as a company that understands this space, which makes combining forces so exciting.”

Image over the headline.- Image © Super League Gaming. Composition, © Eastwind.

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