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IAB USA will launch transparency standard solution to enable companies declaring the user identity sources they choose in the new cookieless ad environment

In order to help increase transparency around ID solution usage as the advertising ecosystem readies itself for a post-cookie world, IAB Tech Lab, the digital advertising technical standards-setting body, today released id-sources.json. The standard was available for public comment until yesterday, October 12th 2021.

“As companies turn to different identity solutions that will replace the role of the third-party cookie, it’s important we continue to push for a transparent supply chain,” said Caitlin Fitzharris, Senior Product Manager, Index Exchange. “Knowing which identifier is used by whom helps all parties, and id-sources.json is an important step towards building auditable data structures to ensure consumer privacy.”

id-sources.json aims to: 1) Provide a standard way for companies to declare which user identity sources they use; 2)work like the other IAB Tech Lab supply chain transparency standards (e.g. sellers.json and buyers.json). It is a participant hosted, structured declaration that machines can read; 3)ease ad campaign execution between advertisers, publishers, and their chosen technology providers by making it clear who supports what .

Today it is not readily clear which companies are adopting the various new user ID solutions, and in the view of Alex Cone, Vice President, Privacy & Data Protection, IAB Tech Lab: “It’s critical that companies integrating with user identity sources do so in the open if they hope for this rapidly growing infrastructure to be sustainable in the face of privacy-driven changes.”…“We believe this is a foundational step toward accountability solutions that enable new forms of addressability to thrive in a post-third party cookie world and is in line with IAB Tech Lab’s commitment to improve industry transparency.”

To review the proposed standard and provide feedback, IAB USA Tech lab has provided the following links https://iabtechlab.com/id-sources and https://iabtechlab.com/rearc.
id-sources.json is an IAB Tech Lab supply chain transparency standard initiative baked by IAB USA’s Rearc Accountability Working Group.

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