BBDO de-locates all their central headquarters around the world by the coronavirus pandemic

BBDO New York has launched a new initiative to help both the company and their employees cope with the reality that nearly all of their people are now working from home. The idea is providing  something to help them continue to feel inspired/motivated to do the best they can, from wherever they are.
The answer is a simple microsite that has gone live today called BBDOYOURHOME.COM.

At this site every employee can “launch their own BBDO office” by simply typing their address and generating an official BBDO + their home address logo.
In a note to the office this morning, BBDO NY President & CEO Kirsten Flanik stated; “it is important that we continue to think of ourselves as one office. But, for right now, we are not just one big office space in Midtown Manhattan, we are made up of many unique people, places and spaces. That’s why, with the help of all of you, we are launching BBDO Your Home!”

On the image: above,Left to right.- New BBDO offices at Kirsten Flanik BBDO NY CEO’s home and at David Lubars BBDO Worldwide CCO’s home; below.- New BBDO offices at Greg Hahn BBDO NY COO’s home and at the “cat employee” home.© BBDO.

Just within a matter of hours the site was launched in New York, other BBDO offices showed their interest for the idea, they loved it and wanted to join in!. The code was quickly revised to bring the idea to scale across the global Network. Now BBDO has “new offices” opening up all over the world.

keeping a close eye on the photo, the idea not only seems to have added millions of offices to the network but also all kind of new and diverse employees, even with whiskers and four paws. 😉

Image over the headline.- One of the new BBDO offices all over the world.© BBDO

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