Bolloré Group and Vivendi finally sign Hava’s purchase

Vivendi announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with the Bolloré Group regarding the purchase of the approximately 60% majority stake Bolloré Group holds in Havas.

The execution of the agreement is now just pendding from the approval by the competition Authorities. Once obtained, Vivendi will launch a simplified tender offer on the remaining Havas shares. This offer is not aimed at delisting Havas shares.

The purchase will be carried out at the agreed €9.25 price per share. This means a total purchase price at around €4.9Bn. Around €2.3Bn of the total will remunerate the 59.7% of Havas Group in the hands of Bolloré family through the Bolleré Group.

The €9.25 price means a 8.8% premium per share at the price Havas titles reched in the market on 10th May.

Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO of Vivendi, commented: “This acquisition marks a major milestone in our drive to build a global leader in content, media and communication. It gives our Group a unique positioning and a major advantage in an environment marked by the ever-increasing convergence between content, distribution and communication. Havas brings its expertise in consumer science, data analytics and new creative formats to the entire Vivendi group. Most importantly, our two companies have gotten to know one another well and our teams enjoy working together, essential keys to success in the creative and innovative industries, which rely on a wealth of talent.”

Havas, to calalyze the integrated productivity inside Videndy Group. © Vivendi

Yannick Bolloré, CEO of Havas Group, said: “We look forward to joining forces with the Vivendi group. Vivendi’s ambitious strategy for accelerated development towards a global communications leader will enable us to develop even more quickly. Vivendi will provide us with, on one hand, new strategic and financial resources to enrich the expertise we offer to our clients and, on the other, broader opportunities for our talents. We thank the Vivendi teams for their trust and support.“

Image over the headline.- Vivendi + Havas at the centre of the convergence oof contents their distribution and telecommunications. © Vivendi.

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