Cannes Lions 2018.- Palau pledge by Host/Havas Sydney gets the Grand Titanium, and many more

The Palau Pledge by Host/Havas Sydney got today the Grand Prix in the Titanium Lions 2018.
To protect its stunning yet fragile, vulnerable environment from tourists’ lack of care and neglect, the Government had to do something innovative and bold. The Pacific island-country of Palau changed its entry visa processes, requiring every visitor to sign a passport pledge before they can enter: a public – and very personal – promise to protect Palau for future generations.

This new inmigration policy is the first in the world that puts conservation first and is deployed, not only in the visa proimise, but also y a whole new approach to tourism and communications to concienciate visitors and dwellers on the importance of preserving the environment of the island, desigmned by Host/Havas Sydney.

The Grand Prix in the Titanium Lions adds to other Grands and Lions bagged in other categories along Cannes Lions 2018: The Grand Prix in Direct,, the Grand Prix in the Sustaniable Development Goals Lions, the Gold in Brand Experience & Activation, the Silver in the Media Lions category, as well as to another Silver and a Bronce Lions in the Sustainable Developmento Goals category.

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