Facebook no set TVs will cost just around $1 in Zukerberg’s augmented reality no smartphone world of the future

“We don’t need a physical TV. We can buy a $1 app ‘TV’ and put it on the wall and watch it,” Zuckerberg told USA Today ahead of his keynote at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions . “It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about how much of the physical stuff we have doesn’t need to be physical.”

Leaving aside the more or less hooking effect of this announcement, the fact is that the Facebook TV project as well as the Camera Effects app developments seem to be pointed at shaping a tech world not relying on the smartphone any more, but in wearing an actual computer on your face inside a pair of average glasses.
Facebook glasses could also make any wearable, including smartwatches, tablets, or fitness trackers useless as well.

The apps developed within Zuckerberg’s Camera Effects platform may well be the first versions for the apps running in the Facebook glasses, which were presented by Zuckerberg at the F8 conference for developers held some months ago as something to be real in the long term.

The Camera Effects apps, now and in many years to come providing fun for users through mobile, will surely serve not only as experiments but to get people used to Facebook glasses and augmented reality environment in a friendly way, in order to turn these kind of advances from something only known by a tech savvy reduced circle of users into the mainstream.

There are still many yeas to come till Facebook Camera Effects and Facebook glasses are ready for the average people, even for the tech savvy circle, but once here, just imagine the disruption that the current market relying on smartphones, tablets, wearables and connected TV sets could face.

Image over the headline.- Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference meeting for developers 2017. © Facebook.

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