Forsman&Bodenfors and Semcon to launch search engine extension for gender equality

Forsman&Bodenfors is launching a new browser extension able to balance the masculine and feminine images that browsers show when searching for any proffesion name.

The concept behind the action by the agency in partnership with Semcon company is: “If you can’t see it you can’t be it”, because when we choose a profession, our choices have already been narrowed down based on images we have seen in the media, advertising and popular culture.
And images online reinforce stereotypes.

If images of professions can be presented in a more balanced way, maybe we all can take a first step towards better role models, images and balanced representation at work.

The action makes sense with Sercon’s core philosophy: “Diversity makes way for better products”.
Sercom is a Swedish company devoted to product development in different sectors and aims to increase the number of women ingeneers.

How does Re-Search work?

When one performs an image search for a profession, Re-Search automatically does a parallel search to gender balance the results. Both results are shown side by side.

Re-Search is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explores and Safari. Still in Beta, sercom thanks any contribution to enhance this extension for gender equality (to contribute click here)

So far, Re-Search works for these professions in english: Astronaut, Basketball player, Bodyguard, Bookkeeper, Bus driver, Cab driver, CEO, Childminder, Comedian, Dancer, Doctor, Electrician, Engineer, Farmer, Film director, Firefighter, Flight attendant, Florist, Football player, Game designer, Guitarist, Hairdresser, Investment banker, Judge, Librarian, Makeup-artist, Mechanic, Midwife, Model, Motocross rider, News anchor, Nurse, Nutritionist, Physicist, Pilot, Plumber, Police, Politician, President, Prime  Minister, Professional athlete, Professional boxer, Professional cyclist, Professor, Receptionist, Secretary, Security guard, Soccer player, Social worker, Software developer, Stock broker, Surgeon, Tailor, Technician, and Truck driver.

The engineering team behind Re-Search: Basim Ali, Sara Amani, Oskar Risberg, Anna Funke, Gabriele Kasparaviciute, Torin Williams.© Semcon.
The engineering team behind Re-Search: Basim Ali, Sara Amani, Oskar Risberg, Anna Funke, Gabriele Kasparaviciute, Torin Williams.© Semcon.0

Re-Search was developed by engineers at Semcon (watch the team of the client on the photograph), from Forsman & Bodenfors side the team is composed by: Stefan Thomson (Digital Strategy); Klara Knape (Planner), Magnus Almberg (Designer), Gustav Johansson (Copywriter), KarinJacobsson (Account Director), Bjarne Darwall (PR), Jim Elfving (Producer). The Media Agency is Aol/BeOn and Folke Film works as Production company for the PR videos.

Gender balanced workforce at the core of success and profitability

The Swedish company further explains : “We develop products for everyone. With this in mind, it is important to widen our perspectives to understand all types of end-users. To achieve this, we need a work force with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.”

The Swedish company quotes the case study on gender equality success at Sodexho buy McKinsey and an article published on the Harvard Business Review that supports the gender equality policy at Sercon.

Sercom will be a gender balanced company by 2022 (male–female ratio between 60and 40 per cent), both in the Group as a whole and among managers. This is a unique and ambitious target for our industry, but a necessary one in order to stay successful as a company and attractive as an employer.

This company devoted to product design has still not reached the gender equality objective in many markets, but in China.

Image over the headline.- Image over the headline.- Gender balanced search results using Re-Search. © Re-Search.

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To download and install Re-Search click here


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