#BusterTheBoxer goes viral, hundreds of parodies shared in social networks

Hilary Clinton and the little girl of the John Lewis Christmas advert seem to have something in common, both are overcommed by a bouncing boxer. This isjust one  of the many parodies of the ad already hanging from You Tube show.


#BusterTheBoxer, created by the agency adam&eveDDB for the British retailer John Lewis has gone viral. And what’s more important the advert is being parodied in the most crazy, macabre, ironical and playful manners in the social networks. Buster is relevant, in a positive way, we hope, because the work is great.

John Lewis has already broken the views record through You Tube obtained by the Christmas campaign in the same period last year with The Man in the Moon. #Buster the Boxer has already scored 11.724.353 views at the time we are writing this post, and the 360º experience video Discover Buster’s Garden has already reached the 59.324.

Other retailers and NGOs trying to profit from Buster’s relevance

The thing is that some other retailers, couponing companies and NGOS that have nothing to do with the one attached to the advert are currently trying to profit from the dragging effect #BusterTheBoxer is reaching.

#KevinTheCarrot, from Aldi Stores UK declares to be a fan of the ad and willing to watch it again

In YouTube, there’s a #BudgetBuster commercial supposedly trying to promote discount coupons with a low cost parody of the original commercial.

Metro tries to bring people in the stores promoting in Twitter boxer, squirrel and fox puppets under the “Here’s how to get your very own” #BusterTheBoxer claim and hastag.

Dog’s Trust presents Jack the Boxer competition also under the hastag #BusterTheBoxer. Promoting dog adoptions, Pup Aid 2016 shows in twitter a photo of a no Buster boxer with the hastag #bustertheboxer.

Even the BBC aired its parody

CBBC contributed to Buster’s glory with a parody played by puppets and toys. The teaser of this parody was published on You Tube and the full version through Twitter.

The Daily Mail tweeted a section of the ad where wild animals jump one and another time in an infinite loop.

Hundreds of people trying to take some drops of Buster’s glory

Although not all the comments and and memes are pro-Buster, the great majority of them just are loviong it or/and trying to provide its share of relevance to the in most cases “unknown creator”.

Many of the parodies just provide an unexpected ending to the original ad, others modify the whole argunent, and many parody makers have used the same ideas with little variations.


There ae at least a couple of Hilaries frustrated by a Trump faced boxer, I have found also two or three #BusterTheBoxer where the wild animals end completely slaughtered and that’s what all the family, included Buster find in the backyard in the morning, other parodies just show a broken trampoline the morning after, etc.



Some people remind that the Simpson’s already had predicted that Buster would bounce, a couple of tweeting people just put heir own poppy bouncing along the foxes and other wild animals inside the ad…

Here I include just some of the video and twitter parodies of John Lewis Christmas ad but there are many more memes and videos currently being shared in social networks. Hope you enjoy the compilation.

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