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Frankie the Dinosaur takes part at the COP 27

Frankie the Dino, the enviromental activist Dinosaur who advised humans “not to choose extinction” from the speakers rostrum at the United Nations General Assembly is now participating as a delegate at COP 27, which is currently being held from November 6 to 18, 2022 in Sharm el -Sheikh (Egypt).

The dinosaur has been walking and grunting among delegates here and there with a large sign hanging from its neck and letting people taking selfies with him. He has even answered an interview that the Egyptian Government has published on the official Twitter channel of the Climate Change Conference. This time a simultaneous translation service has provided for an interpretation of his answering grunts.

Even so, his message is clear, Frankie can’t understand why governments around the world on one hand commit themselves to do whatever needed to reduce global warming, while on the other hand have spent $600,000 million in subsidies for the consumption of fossil fuels. The UN activist dinosaur has been advising humans once more not to choose extinction with a hashtag included during the Climate Change Conference.

Frankie The Dino en la COP 27
Amr Esam (Senior Advisor to the COP 27 Presidency) interviews Frankie the Dino. Caption from the tweeted video you can see on the links I enclose below).

Frankie the Dino has participated, for example, in the launch of the Alliance for a Fair Energy Transformation and has made clear that he can be as party boy as any human by celebrating his birthday party at COP27.

Attendees at the Climate Change Conference have literally swelled to take selfies with the “Jurassic activist.”
It seems that Frankie the Dinosaur, despite his speech from the ‘pulpit’ at the UN General Assembly left most of us somehow a distant feeling in 2021, turns a far warmer mate on social networks and in the person to person interaction.

A ‘Jurassic’ public relations action as traditional as my grandma’s brand mascot at the supermarket, but probably effective.
Yet with only 1,500 followers on Twitter Frankie the Dinosaur still falls into the micro-influencer category.

Image above the headline.- Frankie the Dino at COP 27. Image, UN.

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More information and images of Frankie the Dino at COP 27 on his Twitter profile @frankiethedino

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