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Gameloft Business Solutions and CK Hutchinson IOD, to launch 3GoPlay freemium all you can play mobile gaming app and platform around the world

Gameloft Business Solutions inked a framework deal with CK Hutchinson IOD aimed to launch 3GoPlay, the new Wind Tre’s and 3’s new subscription platform that will bring hundreds of the world’s best mobile games into the hands of Hutchison users in countries which offer the “All You Can Play” subscription model.

This includes critically acclaimed premium titles as Asphalt Nitro 2, Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Disney Princess Majestic Quest, Powerpuff Girls, Sonic Runners Adventure and many more. The service also provides a feed of game news and videos, carefully curated for their audience.

For the past 20 years, Gameloft has worked with over 330 global distribution partners to bring its games to over 150 countries around the world. This deal with CK Hutchinson IOD will initially launch 3GoPlay in two countries, Austria and Italy (where it will be branded W3GoPlay), with a further eight countries potentially being added in the future under the terms of the Framework Agreement.

The 3GoPlay app has been already launched in Indoneia and Sri Lanka and will be available to download from app stores in Italy and Austria initially in Europe, with Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom. Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau SARs of China will also be able to join under the terms of the Framework Agreement.
Free content will be available for players, however, in order to enjoy the full content without limitations, a subscription will be required.

“We want to make sure that everyone can play. We believe there’s a game for everyone, and that it shouldn’t matter where those people are in the world,” explained Yann Fourneau, VP Global Sales & Distribution at Gameloft. “We are always thinking about creating tailored solutions to add value to our partners’ offerings, and we accomplish this though the best content, no matter the device or channel. 3GoPlay is a great example of our ability to deliver innovative platforms anywhere in the world.”

Joe Parker, CEO of CKH IOD, a unit of CK Hutchison’s telecom division, said: “Over the last two decades Gameloft has built a reputation as one of the leading mobile game publishers and solution providers, with an unrivalled catalogue of instantly recognizable games and brands that we know will delight our customers. With hundreds of games available from launch, and more being added every month, we’re confident that our ‘All You Can Play’ subscription service will satisfy the appetites of even our most dedicated gaming customers, in a safe and secure environment, for just a small monthly fee.”

3GoPlay will allow users to immerse themselves in a complete mobile gaming universe with hundreds of games spanning every genre, plus exclusive content for users to enjoy. Users can access this massive library of entertainment from their mobile device, along with special features such as parental control, allowing them to safely place their device of choice in their children’s hands.

Gameloft Business Solutions is Gameloft’s Divission who offers gaming solutions for carriers and manufacturershas and CK Hutchinson IOD is CK Hutchinson Holdings Telecom Division’s company devoted to Innovation and to finding new development and business opportunities.

3GoPlay is a subscription-based all you can play app and platform with carrier-billing solution inside. The mobile telecom companies belonging to CK Hutchinson Holdings are Wind Tre (Italy) and 3 inAustria, Denmark, Ireland, and UK , Indosat and Vietnamobile.

With the largest gaming catalogue of hundreds of games, Gameloft Business Solutions provides customized gaming packages and subscription-based offers with carrier-billing solutions in 150 countries around the world. Gameloft provides games for everyone, covering all channels with global distribution partners such as Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Telenor, Axiata, and Singtel as well as preloaded solutions with global partners such as LG, Samsung, and Huawei. Gameloft Business Solutions’ global carrier solutions are designed to perform on smartphones, tablets, feature phones (Native, Java, MRE), TVs and STBS with try & buy, freemium, and subscription monetization models.

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