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Indian no-code video tech startup, to enter the USA thanks to $1.1 M investment by the Swiss Inovis SA and the Chinese CIIE.CO announced today that the Swiss investment family company Inovis SA and the Chinese Seed Investments CIIE.CO (part of IIMA) have invested $1.1 M in the Indian born tech company.

Established in Vizag (India) in 2021 by Kiran Pasavedala, Sampath Mallidi and Naresh Uppada, Revidd is a no-code SaaS platform which enables anyone with video content to launch their own customizable video streaming product or digital TV in less than 5 minutes.

With this seed investment, the company intends to set up shop in the USA to further expand the North American market, hire ingenious talent and strengthen the product and technology. The company aims to bring 60% cost savings with its own decentralised storage and streaming network.

In its second year of already employs 68 people, who serves the needs of customers from ten countries across four continents.

Revidd provides a potential option for content creators to manage and monetize video content in several possible ways. The ideal functionality delivers the creators/customers with proactive insights and warrants them their desired platform.

With the capacity to seamlessly integrate within your own environment, Revidd makes launching any creator or company’s streaming channel or app easy, fast and affordable. The process is unambiguously clear and intuitive, which involves choosing a customizable template, uploading content for your viewers to navigate and monetization for steady revenue.

Revidd intends to become the first technology platform of its kind, with a no-code end-end horizontal solution in multiple verticals where anyone can launch their own video platform effortlessly.

Commenting on the investment, Olivier Meyer from Inovnis SA said “Inovnis is thrilled to join the three co-founders of by providing the company $1,000,000 in seed capital and supporting the further expansion of their vision. We believe that the video industry is undergoing a profound change due to the rapid expansion of the market while still operating on legacy infrastructure.

We are impressed with the team’s outstanding ingenuity and capacity to answer the demand, thus leading the way for significant disruption and growth.”
“Enabling creators to truly build content rich platforms is the heart of Revidd. Their technology empowers video content creators to focus on what they do best – create while technology complexity is simplified by Revidd. We are happy to support the founding team to build a global product to tap into a $1.7T market,” Chintan Antani VP at Seed Investments CIIE.CO (Part of IIMA).

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