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Holidayguru launches first ever line of touristic travels into the metaverse

Travelling to any part of the world without leaving your sofa at a reasonable price is now possible in a systematic and organized way. The Spaniard low cost travel agency, Holidayguru has announced the launch this year of its new line of virtual trips to tourist destinations around the world…in the metaverse.
A pair of virtual reality glasses that the company will provide to those who reserve these packages will make it possible.

Paris, New York, London, Rome and Fuerteventura will be the first destinations available in the metaverse .
The experience comes with a virtual airline and the need for check in your hand luggage and pay and aditional charge for it, not everything are advanteges in the metaverse travel experience, but there is also an option to ‘mute’ other Spanish tourists as well as your own travel companion, at the destination .

The virtual trip has been designed to fit the uses of the average Spanish tourist, in order to turn the experience as immersive as possible. Thats why there are options such as waiting virtually standing before boarding into the metaverse (even if you have an assigned seat) or such as the opportunity to judge the typical virtual food at the destination by comparing it with the Spanish food.

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Holidayguru will open the reservation of the virtual trip packages into the metaverse next summer. The price will vary depending on the destination and the experience chosen, but the company anticipates that the virtual visit to New York, Rome or London will cost only €50 forth and return. New York, Rome or London will be the first destinations where travelers will be able to move around, visit monuments and, ultimately, become excited about the destination virtually.

And it may well happen that the experience in the metaverse, rather than satisfying the customer’s desire for travel, stimulates the appetite of the virtual tourist to live the experience in the real world, favoring the contracting of a physical trip after paying for the virtual one.

Aware of this or not, Travelguru, which has been manually finding online travel offers for its clients since 2014, not only takes a leap in its commitment to integration with new platforms by adding these virtual trips with metaverse destinations to its offer, but also earns a marketing tool, which can effective in increasing the company’s online bookings of offline low cost travels.

May it be effective or not in order to rise the online resterve of offline travels business the announcement of the metaverse travel line is surely providing Holidayguru benefits in terms of earned media and improving the image and relevance of their brand.

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