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Meliá Hotels International offers a training scholarship for a plan to relaunch MeliaRewards incorporating the latest blockchain and metaverse technologies

Notice for creatives, experts in new technologies and marketing professionals willing to work in the Tourism Sector.
On the occasion of the celebration of Fitur 2023, Meliá Hotels International has launched a contest aimed at recruiting talent applied to the tourism sector. The Spanish hotel chain offers a training scholarship within the company for anyone who is capable of developing an Innovation strategy for MeliáRewards using the latest technological trends.

The project will have a budget of €30,000 for the whole 2023, and must cover both strategic development and its subsequent implementation plan.
The challenge is to define and detail an innovative solution to complement the loyalty program using at least 2 of the technologies mentioned below, considering that all those used in the relaunch project must work interrelated with each other.
It is also important that the proposal incorporate a complete communication plan for the relaunch of MeliáRewards in Social Media.

The goal is to incorporate into its customer loyalty program, MeliáRewards, the most revolutionary technological trends in 2023.
Meliá Hotels International wants to define a specific strategy for its loyalty program by 2023, implementing innovations through the integration of the following technologies: NFT; blockchain; Artificial intelligence; metaverse; Virtual or Augmented Reality.

The program has 14.1 million users in more than 150 countries, among which Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil stand out due to the number of affiliates.
Currently, MeliáRewards members can redeem their points for surprises, discounts and many other benefits. The program has 4 membership levels: White, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Image over the hedaline.- © Meliá Hotels International.

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