IBM and KYCK! develop faster clients ‘boarding’ system based on blockchain

IBM and Singapore headquartered fintech startup KYCK! announced a blockchain project  to help enable financial services providers to more rapidly on-board their customers in a secure environment. Both companies unveiled the new system during the Singapore FinTech Festival.

Working with the IBM Bluemix Garage in this Asian country to design and test the new solution to be built on the Hyperledger Fabric, KYCK! intends to provide brokerages a platform with video conferencing and encrypted document submission capabilities for the secure on-boarding of new customers. The platform also aims to provide enhanced identification validation through a trusted blockchain based business network that will potentially include banking and governmental entities. Once identity verification is confirmed, KYCK! will enter the customer’s information into current bank-based checks or third-party KYCK! systems before account on-boarding.

The IBM Blockchain based solution will be secured by the IBM High-Security Business network (HSBN) and delivered via Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform. This enables KYCK! to handle sensitive data with additional levels of security that can help protect against unauthorized access and tampering, assure IBM and the startup.

Through the application of blockchain technologies on cloud, banks can streamline operations by adopting a one-time process with secure data protection and enhanced identity verification. Using the open-source Hyperledger Project Fabric, immutability, traceability and privacy of the information is provided on a permissioned distributed ledger which is critical in a highly regulated environment, IBM explains

A fintech startup, established by experienced professionals in the financial field

KYCK! is a startup, co-founded by two Singaporeans, Darryl Tan and Ashley Loo, to provide users with information pertaining to the Southeast Asia Exchanges and access to brokerage demo accounts with easy on-boarding opportunities.

As former sales traders, the co-founders personally experienced the inefficiencies of the customer on-boarding process due to stringent financial compliance requirements. This gave them the idea of starting a business that focuses on improving the client on-boarding process and enhancing the overall customer experience by deploying secured and appropriate technology capabilities.

Darryl Tan -left- and Ashley Loo, co-Founders of CYCK!. © finKYCK Pte Ltd
Darryl Tan -left- and Ashley Loo, co-Founders of CYCK!. © finKYCK Pte Ltd

Currently, Darryl Tan is also a Founding and Managing Partner of Cleantech Incubator Lignar Labs and working with VC partners to identify and curate new Cleantech technologies.
Ashley Loo is currently part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Fintech program and their Asia Pacific community.

On IBM Bluemix Garage

Blockchain is one of the more than 150 advanced services and APIs available to developers on Bluemix. Bluemix has rapidly grown to become one of the largest open, public cloud deployments in the world. Based on open standards, it features advanced technologies spanning categories of cognitive computing, cloud data analytics, blockchain and Internet of Things.

The IBM Bluemix Garages serve as hubs for developers, product managers and designers to come together to rapidly design and develop successful applications on Bluemix. With a total of eight Bluemix Garages globally, the Singapore Bluemix Garage is one of the latest to be added to the IBM global network, which includes locations in London, New York, Nice, Melbourne, San Francisco, Tokyo and Toronto.

Image over the headline.- Respectiely, © IBM and © finKYCK Pte Ltd.

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