Independent agency Together w/ hires ex Grey Doug Livingston to lead NY office

Three months after its launch, Together w / announces the appointement of Doug Livingston as the leader of the NY office of the agency. Livingston will be in charge or the business in the United States and Canada.
will be based in New York and will operate under the position of Partner & new business for US & Canada of Together w /.

Livingston led Gray’s digital transformation for 7 years, winning customers like Gillette and Marriott. As Global Digital Director of McGarryBowen, he created new product development teams and was able to attract the talent of non-advertising agencies that generated more than $ 13MM in new non-advertising revenue in his first 12 months.

During his career he has worked for distinguished brands such as Fortune 500, including P&G, Verizon Wireless, Pfizer, Canon, United Airlines, Darden, Marriott and E * Trade. He has vast global experience and a proven ability to expand and win business.

Together w / is an independent headquartered in Buenos Aires. It was launched just two months ago by former FCB partners Santiago Puiggari, Lulo Calió and Luciano Landajo and integrates creativity, production services and media with a work model based on personalized teams.

The agency works for the markets of the United States, Mexico and Latin America with a direct presence in Buenos Aires, New York and Mexico City. Among its clients they are brands such as Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, ZonaJobs, Inmuebles24 and Bumeran, among others.

“The advertising industry is experiencing dramatic changes in the United States. This presents a great opportunity to connect talent in Argentina with agencies and brands in the United States and the rest of the world. The new “always active” team model of Together w / and our independent character, presents the perfect solution. ” Doug Livingston, Partner, United States and Canada commented on Together w /.

“Doug and I have worked together for many years providing global solutions for clients in network agencies. Now, as an independent agency and with Doug leading our team in the USA, eçwe offer all our clients a new, modern and innovative model. ” Commented Santiago Puiggari, CEO of Together w /.

Image over the headline.- Left to right: Lulo Calió Doug Livingston and Santiago Puiggari.© Together w/

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