Uber to launch its own digital OOH on car network in the USA by next April

Uber has signed a deal with the out-of-home ad-tech company Adomni to introduce ad displays on the roof of its vehicles in three US cities: Atlanta, Ga., Dallas, Texas, and Phoenix, Ariz) by April 1st.

Cargo Systems, currently enjoying an agreement with Uber signed in 2018 to provide in-car commerce offerings like snacks and beauty products, is providing the displays under an agreement directly closed with Uber appart from the revenue-sharing pact for advertising between Uber and Adomni.

The screens will display stills or geolocated digital video ads. Uber OOH initially offers digital displays on 1,000 vehicles with over 180 million monthly impressions.

Before the agreement with Adomni Uber drivers working as independent contractors for the ride-sharing company were allowed to install ad displays on the roof of their vehicles from third-party operators like Firefly. The alliance with adomni marks the first time Uber has rolled out its self owned ad platform. Adomni opens a new business unit for Uber, called Uber OOH Powered by Adomni.

Adomni will manage ad sales and marketing efforts and provide self-service programmatic buying via their demand-side platform (DSP). Adomny will also provide complimentary managed services, and a programmatic supply-side platform for other DSPs to access the inventory and transact in a fully automated way.

Uber and Uber Eats riders will get a money compensation depending on the hours they drive.

Image over the headline.- Uber OOH Network display. © Uber  OOH powered by Adomni.

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