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Kenneth López Triquel, new Global Head of Performance at Seedtag

Seedtag, a company dedicated to contextual advertising, has announced the incorporation of Kenneth López Triquell as Global Head of Performance.
López will lead the launch of Seedtag’s new performance solution aimed at helping brands achieve good results in contextual campaigns focused on the middle and lower part of the funnel, without using cookies.

“I have been following Seedtag for many years and I am very proud to be joining the team at a time of maximum growth at all levels of the company, and to lead the global launch of the new performance solution. We are building an exceptional global team that will undoubtedly help us take Seedtag to the next level,” López Triquell explains.

Nathan Salter, UK Head of Performance at Seedtag, adds: “It’s an extremely exciting time for the performance teams at Seedtag. With the recent acquisition of KMTX and their unique pre-bid algorithms, which combined with Seedtag’s contextual AI, LIZ©, means we have a market first opportunity to provide a cookieless performance solution that will revolutionise the way performance display works and generates guaranteed outcomes for our clients and agencies.”

Seedtag’s performance solution is currently in a beta phase with certain clients, and will be rolled out internationally in early 2023.

More than 15 years of experience in the advertising sector

Kenneth López Triquell has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, serving in sales leadership roles both in Europe and around the world.
Before joining Seedtag he launched Zemanta (Outbrain DSP), one of the industry’s first native advertising DSPs.

In addition, López has been Vice President of Sales at Adsmurai (Facebook), where he developed and executed the go-to-market strategy in Europe.
Kenneth López has also worked at other leading companies in the sector such as Twitter, Yahoo, Dentsu and Havas, which has allowed him to acquire extensive experience and knowledge in the digital sector.

A global performance team, under construction

In addition to this addition, Seedtag is building a global performance team with a presence in every market. This team will be responsible for leading local contextual performance campaigns, ensuring that Seedtag is perfectly positioned to offer brands and agencies improved KPIs at all levels of the conversion funnel.

The company is currently present in the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. On November 17, Seedtag announced its entry into the Belgian market and the appointment of Ugur Elbasan as Sales Director for Belgium.

About Seedtag and its cookieless contextual advertising solutions

Over the past eight years, Seedtag, the technology company established by the Spaniards Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto in 2014, has built an advertising solution that prioritizes user privacy, which places the company at the forefront in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aimed at creating contextual advertising that allows brands to obtain better KPIs than in standard digital campaigns.

Seedtag explains that today, after the purchase of KMTX, the company is going one step further. By integrating KMTX’s Artificial Intelligence prediction models with Seedtag’s contextual AI, the company is now in a position to offer its clients a full-funnel contextual solution that delivers great results without sacrificing quality and brand safety for each brand.

Image above the headline.- Kenneth López Triquel (Global Head of Performance of Seedtag.© Seedtag.

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