Let’s #StopTheBeautyTest, the latest Dove claim in India

Three out of 4 Indian women are rejected for their looks during the arranged marriage process. Dove urges Indians to look at the real beauty, the real worth of a woman beyond the physical flaw.
It’s time society takes notice of how ugly the quest for beauty really is. Dove believes if we look beyond tall, slim and skin colour, we will discover a whole new world of beautiful.

Going further in the real beauty approach Dove urges all women who have faced rejection to share their stories with others with the hashtags #StopTheBeautyTest #DoveIndia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Captions of the #StopThe BeautyTest campaign video of Dove India.© Dove/Ogilvy

Dove India has launched this new social conscious campaign telling the real stories of Mahak, Noor, Rajeshwari, Hemaliand Deeksha one ad film, currently published on the You Tube channel of the brand for India.

This campaign is part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, which is committed to empowering 8 million young people by 2024, setting them free from beauty biases.
With this purpose the brand provides the Dove’s evidence based resources for self esteem on this link

Image over the headline.- Caption of the #StopTheBeautyTest campaign video of Dove India.© Dove/Ogilvy

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