Meet Graham, most awarded creative campaign in 2017, Gunn Report says

Here come the Gunn Report rankings 2017, which include the top creative agencies, agency networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers and countries.

Meet Graham, The only person to survive on our roads. © TAC/Clemenger BBDO.

Meet Graham ad campaign,the agency AlmapBBDO,the agency network BBDO Worldwide,the holding company Omnicom Group, Nike brand, Volkswagen Group among advertisers and USA, followed by UK and Australia top respectively the campaigns, agencies, agency networks ad holding, brand advertisers and counties rankings

The rankings are elaborated by analysing the results of more than 40 of the world’s most important international, regional and national creative awards shows.

Graham comes first followed by the Fearless Girl in the year of purpose

Meet Graham, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for Australia’s Transport Accident Commission. The campaign showed How humans would look like if they were able to withstand a low speed crash.

Fearless Girl. © InterPublic Group/McCann

McCann New York’s Fearless Girl comes in 2nd place. In honour of International Women’s Day, asset management firm State Street Global Advisors installed a bronze statue of a defiant girl staring against the iconic Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’ sculpture. The sculpture along with its location managed to trigger the conversation on women’s equality issues in the US.

Pedigree’s humorous Child Replacement Programme campaign in New Zealand, created by Colenso BBDO Auckland comes 3rd ranked. The campaign encourages parents to adopt a dog once their children have left home.

Gunn Report 2018, Most creative campaigns ranking 2017. © Gunn Report

The analysis of the most creative campaigns leads The Gunn Report to identify three main issues at the core of the works:purpose; creative meets tech and emotion drives film-led work.

Andrew Robertson, (President and Chief Executive BBDO). © BBDO.

A year of purpose.- Purpose-driven marketing continues to dominate with brands (as opposed to charities or not-for-profit) using social or environmental causes in brand-building activity.

Creativity meets tech.- A number of high-ranking campaigns found innovative ways to use emerging technology.

Emotion drives film-led work.- A combination of emotional engagement and high production values was a recurring theme in film-led campaigns.

BBDO keeps at the head of the agency and network rankings

BBDO agencies dominate the league tables following an impressive performance around the world with four agencies listed in the top ten. Most notably AlmapBBDO São Paulo tops the most creative agencies leader-board for the fourth time in the 19 years of Gunn Report. BBDO New York is ranked second and Dentsu Tokyo third.

Andrew Robertson, President and Chief Executive BBDO, comments: “We know that award-winning work works better in the marketplace, so topping the Gunn 100 matters. When we say we’re focused on The Work. The Work. The Work, we mean it: winning Gunn for 12 years in a row proves it.”

Gunn Report 2018, Most creative agency, network, holding rankings 2017. © Gunn Report

BBDO Worldwide heads the networks table, for an impressive twelfth consecutive year with 36 different offices contributing to their total. McCann Worldgroup are in second place and Ogilvy & Mather third.

For the first time Gunn Report has included a ranking of holding companies based on their creative output. Omnicom takes poll

Jochen Sengpiehl (Head of Marketing, Volkswagen) since September 2017. © Volkswagen.

position followed by WPP in second and Interpublic Group in third place.

Volkswagen and Mars top the creative advertisers list

Nike has bounced back from 12th position last year to take first place in the brands table for the fifth time. Volkswagen, IKEA, Getty Images and McDonald’s follow.

German multinational Volkswagen Group, is the most creative advertiser with both Volkswagen and Audi ranking in the top ten brands. They had two campaigns in the top 100 and a further 30 from across all regions that contributed to their tally. Mars takes second place followed by Nike, Procter & Gamble and Samsung.

Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing, Volkswagen, says: “We are very pleased that Volkswagen Group has been named best advertiser of the world in 2017. Our campaigns are based on a tremendous passion for the automobile and people. Volkswagen is committed to creative advertising that convinces customers. This honour shows that our campaigns throughout the world have reached a top-class level and will provide the entire team with motivation to do even better and to defend the title.”

Gunn Report 2018, Most creative brands ranking 2017. © Gunn Report

Image over the headline.- Meet Graham, The only person to survive on our roads.© TAC/Clemenger BBDO.

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