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Pepsico’s Frito Lay heats the Bowl with first-ever Flamin’ Hot® spot

Furher than a famous flavor, Flamin’ Hot® is a fiery attitude. The attitude that people need to defy everyday live, specially in the COVD-19 pandemic.
Frito-Lay is showing fans whow the world would look like with a little more heat with “Unleash Your Flamin’ Hot.” Kicking off first ever Super Bowl spot.
Featuring both Doritos® and Cheetos® the spot features the iconic voices of GRAMMY Award-winning musician and official reigning queen of hot, Megan Thee Stallion, and GRAMMY-nominated and multi-platinum musical artist/songwriter, Charlie Puth.

Both put the heat and uplifting rithm in the voices of the wild animals that never would let you recover your Flamin’ Hot® Doritos once they’ve tried them.

“I bring heat to everything I do, so it only made sense to partner with Flamin’ Hot on this campaign,” Megan Thee Stallion said. “Filming this Super Bowl spot and paying homage to Salt-N-Pepa was an incredible experience and I can’t wait for my Hotties to check it out.”

“To be a part of the ‘Flamin Hot’ Super Bowl spot is so cool and a truly great experience,” says Puth. “I was excited to put my musical skills to use and bring beatboxing to this character in such a fun way.”

Three teasers and lively ‘hot spot

For weeks, fans have been surely speculated what Frito-Lay has up their Cheetle-dusted sleeve after the release of three teaser videos, dropping hints about the commercial and depicting the stars as they prepare for their roles.

In the full spot, released today, the creator of “Hot Girl Summer” transforms into a fiery red songbird and is joined by an unlikely cast of animal characters, including a beatboxing fox voiced by Puth.

Captions of the Push It Flamin Hot Super Bowl LVI TV Spot_02
Captions of the Push It Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl LVI TV Spot. Click on the link below to watch the ad.

These characters, including a lazy bear are awakened by their first tastes of new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch and fan-favorite Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy, all together start off singing and mouth-beating the epic ’80s anthem “Push It” from iconic rap group Salt-N-Pepa.

The campaign builds on Frito-Lay history of reimagining music, this time celebrating Salt-N-Pepa’s 35-year-old groundbreaking anthem “Push It”.
Leaving aside the TV and online video teasers an spot, there are graphics and Doritos® and Cheetos® encourage fans to “Unleash Your Flamin’ Hot” on Twitter, TikTok and more

The Flamin’ Hot Hub

On February 5, Frito-Lay will also launch the Flamin’ Hot Hub (, a site that offers fans Flamin’ Hot recipes, details on the full Flamin’ Hot portfolio, along with content from the Super Bowl LVI campaign. Fans can also subscribe to receive emails with exclusive news from Flamin’ Hot, including new products, partnerships and merch.

“We’ve been so inspired by how fans have embraced Flamin’ Hot,” said Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and CMO at Frito-Lay North America. “The Super Bowl provides the perfect stage to showcase the Flamin’ Hot flavor and attitude, and we are thrilled to partner with such exceptional musical talent to bring it to life. Music has a way of bringing joy, connecting us and delivering a story in such a unique way; so reimagining ‘Push It’ with the help of Megan and Charlie will really allow our fans to unleash their Flamin’ Hot.”

Spicy salty snacks have spiked in popularity in recent years with the category growing more than 12 percent in the last four years. And the fandom with Flamin’ Hot is unparalleled, with nearly 800,000 tweets about Cheetos Flamin’ Hot alone in just one year.

And Frito-Lay continues to deliver on the demand for Flamin’ Hot snacks by adding to its lineup, including the newest innovation: Doritos® Flamin’ Hot® Cool Ranch®. The new snack combines the classic flavor of Cool Ranch with the intense heat of Flamin’ Hot. The product is now available in the USA in 9.25oz bags for $4.79 and 2.75oz bags for $2.19.

Choose the firest spots during Superbowl on twitter contest

To continue spreading the spicy spirit, Frito-Lay is inviting fans to “Unleash Your Flamin’ Hot” through digital engagements on Super Bowl Sunday.
Cheetos and Doritos are calling on fans to choose which commercials are the most fire, and which don’t bring the heat. Simply use the fire emoji (from 🔥 to 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥) and #FlaminHot #Entry on Twitter to rate commercials during the game for your chance to win $500. The brands will give away over one hundred cash prizes to lucky fans who share their fire rating. Visit @ChesterCheetah and @Doritos on Twitter to learn more and clic here for rules.

Branded effect on Tik Tok

Flamin’ Hot will also drop an exclusive branded effect on Tik Tok, encouraging people to unleash their Flamin’ Hot and have a mic drop moment. With the help of Charlie Puth and other Tik Tok creators, Cheetos and Doritos will add a little sizzle to Tik Tok on gameday, and fans might even get a shoutout from Charlie himself. Visit @Cheetos and @Doritos on Tik Tok to learn more.

Image over the headline.- Caption of the Push It Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl LVI TV Spot. Click on the link below to watch the ad.

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