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PlayStation veteran Kenji Kajiwara hired to head Streamline Media Group’s first office in Japan

The Malaysian native Streamline Media Group, a video games and digital asset developer and services company who is building the future of videogames, interactive digital assets, and the metaverse, announces its expansion into Japan and the appointment of former executive at PlayStation Kenji Kajiwara as the head of their office in this country, located in Tokyo.

Former Third Party Relations VP of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Japan Asia, Kenji Kajiwara, becomes now the General Manager, Head of Japan for Streamline’s new office.
Streamline expands global offices into Japan to support local games industry growth.

Afterworld:_the Age of Tomorrow_ game_-fall-2021
Caption from world’s first interactive and immersive fashion experience with Balenciaga’s Afterworld: the Age of Tomorrow.© Streamline Media Group.

The company provides global creative and technical solutions through video game technology for media, entertainment, business, and enterprise. The company creates original games, develops solutions that foster brand loyalty, and delivers digital excellence through its five business divisions; Streamline Studios, Streamframe, Streamline Games, All Pixels, and Day Zero.

At Streamline, Kenji Kajiwara will continue to support this company’s Japan partners, develop new relationships, and build a locally based development team in Tokyo, Japan to solidify Streamline’s services in the region.

A well reputed global business leader in the video games industry

Kenji Kajiwara is a well-known global business leader in the video games industry with more than 20 years experience managing international human relations, software sales, and business expansions for Japan and Asia markets. During his tenure at SIE, Kenji Kajiwara initiated and contributed to many expansion and development initiatives, including handling numerous global partnerships with Japan Asia base partners like Sony’s China Hero Project and the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the PRC.

“I look forward to building upon Streamline’s foundations in Japan,” says Kenji Kajiwara. “With Streamline’s history of providing AAA-quality digital creative and technical support for video games, entertainment, and media, we can further refine content output in the region, and meet global games industry standards. Together, we will strengthen Streamline’s development partnerships in the region and support local Japanese developers and publishers.”

Long history working in Japan, but till now no office in the country

Streamline has a long history of working with Japan and has fostered solid partnerships with leading games industry developers and publishers, including Capcom, Square Enix, Soleil Games, Kojima Productions, and From Software. In addition, the company’s multi-year art collaboration on the iconic fighting franchise, Street Fighter V, and co-development for the cult-classic series, Final Fantasy XV, are critical partnerships that set the groundwork for Streamline’s expansion into Japan.

Oddworld Soulstorm_Streamline Media
Image from Oddworld:Soulstorm. © Streamline Group.

“Japan has been an incredible source of opportunity and inspiration for Streamline. We’ve learned so much from our partners there,” says Alexander Fernandez, CEO & Co-Founder of Streamline Media Group. “Investing into Japan’s games industry ecosystem was the next step in cementing our commitment to the region. Kenji’s experience and proven leadership will benefit Streamline and our relationships across Asia by matching world-class delivery with world-class talent.”

Established in 2001, this over 20-year-old R&D digital company offers five service and development business divisions that provide a unified end-to-end production pipeline for creative digital projects.

Image over the headline.- Kenji Kajiwara (General Manager, Head of Japan at Streamline Group’s firt office in Tokyo).© Streamline Group.

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