Smart brick & mortar convenience store, Amazon go, opens doors to the public today

Amazon go, Amazon’s brick and mortar convenience store that enables clients just “grabbing the products and run” has finished the test period during which it has only been available to Amazon employees in Seattle.

Today Amazon go opened its doors to the general public that will have the opportunity to live the experience of buying without paying in the box thanks to the combination of new technologies that Amazon has put to work together in this first of its kind convenience store.

Amazon go store in Seattle. © Amazon.

The Just Walk Out technology automatically detects when the customer takes a product from the shelf and when it places it back tracking these actions in a virtual command list. When the customer finishes his/her purchase, he has nothing left to do but leaving the store. Shortly after leaving the point of sale, Amazon charges the purchase price on the customer’s account and sends a receipt to his/her smartphone.

Amazon go store in Seattle (interior). © Amazon.

We talked about Amazon Go on December 7th, 2016, when Amazon announced its opening in the test phase. We refer therefore to the article published on Eastwind Marketing (English edition). Interested in reading it?, just click here.

Image over the headline.- Amazon smart convenience store in Seattle. © Amazon

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