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Spanish luxury brand Loewe launches newspaper and a You Tube walk with Jonathan Anderson to showcase its women’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection

This season Loewe’s Fall Winter 2021 Women’s collection runway show that should have been taken place today was not feasible by the pandemic. That’s why the brand cancelled it and instead decided turning to print, but not to a fashion magacine. Loewe made their own newspaper and their Creative Director provided a guided walk for fans through the collection and the paper action on You Tube .

No VR for Loewe but a tangible newpaper to read and feel in your hands like you can feel the touch of their creative leather handcrafted products.

With A Show in the News, Loewe is once again reprising the metaphor of its previous fashion shows hosted during the pandemic, including the groundbreaking ‘Show in a Box’ and ‘Show on the Wall’. The Fall Winter 21 collection itself will be available in stores from August.

Further than a newspaper

Loewe Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson has teamed up with his frequent collaboratiors, Creative Directors M/M Paris to design and bring the Loewe Newspaper to life.

The photographer Fumiko Imano shot the collection making of this presentation a character study with the model Freja Beha Erichsen in the center.

A show in the news_some captions by Fumiko Imano_featuring_Model Freya Beha Erichsen
A show in The News. Some captions by Fumiko Imano published on the newspaper. The images show the collection as weared by model Freya Beha Erichsen.© Loewe.

Le Figaro and Le Monde in France, El Mundo of Spain, The Times of London, The New York Times, and Japan’s The Asahi Shimbun, will all carry the slender volume, on the date (5 March) that the Loewe runway show was scheduled to take place. The supplement is expected to reach 300,000 subscribers.

Anderson and his creative team have “canned” the newspaper into a tin box accompanied with wood print by M/M Paris encased in an embossed leather piece and a letter opener knife inside its Loewe leather sheath. This limited tin cased edition of the Show in The News will be sent to
to guests who would have attended the runway show in person, including friends of the brand, select clients and press.

Exclusive prevew of not yet published novel by Danielle Steel inside Loewe’s paper

The collection is not the only content of the paper and the limited edition can. Loewe includes as well an exclusive preview of The Affair, the next not yet published novel of the acclaimed writer Danielle Steel.

A Show in The News_Loewe_limied canned edition
A Show in The News limied canned edition. © Loewe.

This references Victorian literary traditions, when famous works from authors such as Charles Dickens and Alexandre Dumas were serialized in newspapers. Readers are invited to assemble the book themselves, by folding the newspaper and cutting out the book pages. Steel’s latest work, neither directly referenced nor referential to Jonathan Anderson or Loewe, takes place in the fashion industry.

Jonathan Anderson has long admired Danielle Steel as a prolific icon, and someone who has encouraged multiple generations to enjoy reading. The intention of ‘A Show In
The News’ and the chapter preview, is to reach beyond a fashion-focused audience, by telling a story that collides fiction with reality and invites in a world of curious, interested readers.

The collection

Besides The Show in the News, the Spanish luxury brand has taken fans for a walk through the Loewe’s Women’s Autum Winter collection 2021 hand in hand with Loewe’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson (click on the link I provide below to take the walk).

Loewe FW 2021 collection_A Show in The News_Goya Bag_bracelet bag
Loewe Women’s FW 2021 collection. The Goya bag. © Loewe.

This first ever collection on the papers sees the birth of a new classic, the Goya bag as well as some super sized propposals that let the material express its purest essence. Remarkable as well a design first for fun, the bracelet bag, that you can wear on your wrist or turn into a bag as you need or ike. A nice and easy to wear complement for night and day.

Loewe FW 2021 collection_A Show in The News_bracelet bag
Loewe Women’s FW 2021 collection. The Bracelet bag. © Loewe.

In the couture side, Anderson pushes the late 60’s and 70’s optimistic approach to color and geometry into new horizons including a black and white balloon dress and in some way patchwork quilted coats ressembling a Japanese reinterpreted kimono with ample sleeves adjusted around the wrists .

Loewe FW 2021 collection_A Show in The News_Flamenco Maxi Bag_bracelet bag
Loewe Women’s FW 2021 collection. The Flamenco bag. © Loewe.

The never to forget in a Loewe collection leather coat is there, this time in a spirit rising yellow and a suit featuring a long jacket tight to the shape nice to wear with a Loewe silk tie is also htere looking a bit back to the 20’s.
On the other side there are also drapped dresses and coats with an ethnic touch.

caption video walk with jonathan Anderson_Loewe FW 2021 collection
Loewe Women’s FW 2021 collection. Three models of the collection. © Loewe.

Some of the creations feature original touches of handcrafted embroidery but no way barocque. And in the feet both ankle high heeled boots with anew twist and flat shoes on high platforms.

Image over the headline.- Caption of the Loewe Fall Winter 2021 Women’s collection walkthrough with Jonathan Anderson video.© Loewe.

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