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cSapphire winns first ever Fashion Award for Metaverse Design bestowed by the British Fashion Council

The British Fashion Council (BFC) announced today that the first ever Fashion Award for Metaverse Design has been presented to cSapphire.

cSapphire is a 2D designer who started creating designs on the platform aged 12. They were one of the first designers to work with a physical clothing brand on the platform with their Gucci collaboration.
Metaverse Design has been launched as a brand new category as part of The Fashion Awards 2021 exclusively with Roblox.

cSapphire was chosen by a judging panel made up of BFC Chief Executive Caroline Rush, Supermodel and Entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, Highsnobiety Editorial Director Christopher Morency, Dazed Fashion Features Director Emma Davidson, and W Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sara Moonves.

Christina Wootton, VP of Global Brand Partnerships, Roblox said: “The next generation of designers are dressing avatars, and they are doing it on Roblox where anyone can be a creator, starting with their own digital identity. Fashion is about what’s next and finding new voices with clear visions, and this talent is emerging in the metaverse. It is the global creative space for designers who are bringing limitless self-expression opportunities to people around the world, setting new trends that are starting to move into real life, and sharing their expertise with top brands. This recognition from a powerful fashion institution declares loud and clear that this is the space to watch for future fashion trends and talent.”

Four other nominees: GENKROCO, inkwaves, Reverse_Polarity, Sparklings

cSapphire was chosen as the winner among a total of five nominees including as well GENKROCO, inkwaves, Reverse_Polarity, Sparklings.

peinados y complementos GENROKO
Items available for purchasing at GENKROCO store on Roblox. © GENkROCO

GENKROCO is a creator who specialises in virtual accessories and hairstyles for avatars, particularly known for stylised hairstyles. Their most purchased hairstyle has over 2 million sales alone, with their full store accumulating over 30 million sales.

complementos personalizar avatar inkwaves
Items available for purchasing at inkwaves store on Roblox. © inkwaves

inkwaves is a 3D designer who uses creativity to inspire their digital fashion creations, mixing modern trends with enchanted and mystical themes. They’ve created one of the most favourited UGC items in the Roblox Marketplace and describe the opportunity to work as a designer in the metaverse as “infinite imagination.”

Items available for purchasing at Reverse_Polarity store on Roblox. © Reverse_Polarity

Reverse_Polarity is a 3D designer with over 17 million combined sales of their creations on the platform, making them one of the top sellers of virtual items on Roblox. Having discovered Roblox just two weeks after its public release in 2006, they are one of the longest active users of the platform.

Items available for purchasing at sparklings store on Roblox. © sparklings

Sparklings is a 2D designer and joined the platform in 2009. Their design aesthetic is ever-changing with recent collections ranging in inspiration from high end designs to the fairy kei aesthetic.

Immersive experience on Roblox to celebrate the launch of the new category

To celebrate the launch of the award, the BFC has created an immersive experience on Roblox which offers fashion fans from all over the world the opportunity to be part of its iconic annual event that gathers some of the most influential fashion insiders, designers, innovators and celebrities. The experience instantly transports visitors into the iconic Royal Albert Hall where they can enjoy one of the world’s biggest celebrations of fashion in a new and unique way, walking the virtual red carpet together with their friends, exploring nominees’ displays and trying on their virtual items, as well as watching Awards video footage.

The Fashion Awards immersive experience on Roblox is available on the platform starting from today 29th November 2021 till December 7th, 2021.
Visitors to The Fashion Awards experience on Roblox will also be able to purchase a range of digital items created exclusively for this event by Gucci. Proceeds from these items’ sales will be donated to the BFC Foundation, the charity that supports the future growth and success of the British fashion industry by focusing on education, grant-giving and mentoring.

BritishFashionCouncil_AlessandroMicheleGuccianRoblox_creators_nominated_forMetaverse design award
Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, presents the first ever Fashion Award for Metaverse Design in The Fashion Awards experience on Roblox. (Photo: Business Wire)

Caroline Rush, BFC Chief Executive commented: “As we continue to reposition The Fashion Awards as a global entertainment platform, we are so excited to announce this project with Roblox. By awarding the platform’s creators we are recognising the powerful global impact of digital fashion on communities around the world, its ability to create new trends in fashion, as well as the incredible opportunities it provides for talented young creators. I was blown away by the work, and creativity of all the nominees and am looking forward to exploring The Fashion Awards experience in the metaverse.”

The Fashion Awards is a fundraiser for the BFC Foundation (Registered Charity Number: 1185152) which supports the future growth and success of the British fashion industry by focusing on Talent, Education, Grant-Giving and Business Mentoring and aims to improve equality and opportunity so that the fashion industry remains diverse and open to all, helping talented designers at all stages of their career from school level through to becoming a global fashion brand. In 2020/21, the BFC raised £1.7 million for the BFC Foundation, and its talent support initiatives and this year the charity supported 33 designers.

The BFC showcasing initiatives and events include London Fashion Week Presented by Clearpay taking place every February, June and September; LONDON show ROOMs and the annual celebration of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry: The Fashion Awards.

Image over the headline.- cSapphire clothing store on Roblox.© cSaphire.

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