Ukledo launches world’s first VR game universe able to grow by itself through AI and blockchain

Game developer Ukledo today announced VU (Virtual Universe)), the first virtual reality adventure of its kind based on artificial intelligence and blockchain that aims to revolutionize the VR industry.

VU is the world’s first VR game that combines these technologies to create a virtual world that looks and feels real. Characters such as animals react and interact with the player in an intelligent and natural way.

Ukledo Virtual Universe screenshot. PRNewsfoto/Ukledo

VR expert Ciaran Foley, founder and CEO of Ukledo , said: “So far, virtual reality has missed the required level of interaction. It is not enough to apply video game concepts to the immersive VR experience in order to permanently satisfy the users. On the other hand, too much complexity makes access difficult and fun inhibited. In VU we see a trend-setting signal for the interaction between humans and the virtual world. ”

Ukledo Virtual Universe token logo. PRNewsfoto/Ukledo

“Through a virtual token (VU Token), the VU game is to develop into a rich ecosystem. The pre-sale for VU Token has already begun and is aimed at those who want to help build this world. Early game users help create a strong community. They receive special bonuses and in-game benefits and belong to a select group of precursors of the sector, “said Ciaran.

Jeroen Van den Bosch , former MTV presenter, video game producer and founder of Ukledo, said, “Our current test world has been well received by the VR community and proves that LivingVR ™ technologies are increasing engagement in new and exciting ways.”

“VU can be played on any VR-enabled computer or laptop and is compatible with most major HMD vendors, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Some aspects of the gameplay are provided through Internet and mobile platforms. ”

The team continues to work on developing VU and expects earning a large fanbase of future-ready gamers. VU draws a future for VR entertainment, where users play and meet in a continually improving and growing universe, creating new things together.

Further, the experience provided by this type of simulation can be useful for many sectors that need providing more effective interactions between humans and the virtual world.

Image over the headline.- Ukledo Virtual Universe screenshot. PRNewsfoto/Ukledo

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