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UN SDGs “dance” to BTS rhythm

This is not the first United Nations (UN) campaign to raise awareness on the need to reach the SDG (sustainable development goals), but it is a first for the UN producing a video clip where a Korean group of singers present their latest hit dancing inside the UN General Assembly’s Hall.

The name of the song is “Permission to Dance”, and BTS the K-pop boy band that sing and dance it inside UN General Assembly Hall and other locations in and out the UN building at New York (USA).

The video-clip is not the only communications action on SDGs launched between 20th and 21st September by the United Nations hand in hand with BTS. There is also an interview where the K-pop boy band answer questions along with ROK President, Moon Jae-in on the point and their role as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture . Finally the music group members took part at the SDGs moment that took place at UN Genral Assembly Hall just a day before the start off the UN General Assembly currently running.

A win, win, win collaboration

United Nations has surely reached a more than healthy audience on You Tube and other social networks, as well as in gained media for the SDGs with the videos starred by BTS that the International Organisation has financed and the announcement that BTS would speak before participants at the SDGs moment. But as the K-pop boy band has been appointed by ROK President as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture, these videos and gained media have surely paid as well a good dividend to South Korea country brand and Moon’s government international good will.

BTS’collaboration with Hallyu (The Korean Wave) and with the UN of course has been fruitfull, for the K-pop boy band too.

Image over the headline.- K-pop boy band BTS performing “Permission to Dance” inside UN General Assembly’s Hall. © United Nations.

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