Donald Trump announces he will postulate himself for the presidential elections by 2024

Trump’s run for the US presidential elections 2024.- Same populist message despite proved unreal

Donald Trump is decided to profit from the not so buollant victory earned by the republicans in the recently held midterm elections. And does it despite many many in his own party blame him and his candidates for the not so contundent advance achieved by the ‘elephants’.

Former potus announced yesterday that he is going to run for the presidential elections by 2024.

Same populist message but burdened with his proved lack of respect for the US democratic Institutions

“Im pleased to announce that I’m running for President of the United States and together we are going to make our country safe, prosperous, great and glorious again.
Under Joe Biden, we are a nation in decline. But our movement has the power to save america and we must do that.

We can once again build the greatest economy in the history of the world. We can bring back strong borders. We can give our police the support they need and the respect they deserve.
And we can restore hope to communities all accross our land. This campaign will decide the fate of our entire nation and we must win.

I’m asking each of you to join us in this great national effort. Get online, sign up, donate, take action, volunteer, get organized, talk to your neighbors. Together we will save our country and we will make america great again,” Donald Trump said.

Perhaps not winning the elections but might be a true chance to be elected as the republican candidate

Following the outcomes from a US nation p wide poll recently published by the Quinnipiac University nearly one year after the 2020 presidential election, a majority of Americans (58 – 35 percent) say they do not want to see Donald Trump run for president in 2024.
The poll shows that Donald Trump probably would lose the elections.

Despite this 78% of republicans want to see Trump run for President in 2024, meaning that probably Donaald Trump could win the run within his party and be elected as candidate for the Presidential elections.
Further, republicans say 78 – 16 percent that they do want to see Trump run for president in 2024, compared to 66 – 30 percent in May.

No way good news for US democracy and the rest of the world.

Image over the headline.- Donald Trump during his announcement.

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