Adobe cloud enhances in car marketing tools for connected vehicles

Aimed to advance the in-car experience Adobe has announced new automotive focused analytics, personalization and advertising capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud that give brands the ability to deliver unique consumer experiences.

For auto makers and in-car app developers, customer data across various touch points can now be leveraged to inform different types of content including personalized playlists, on-route recommendations and audio ads.

The 10 largest automakers in the world already use Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver customer experiences, and the tech company is working with these brands along with ecosystem players like Automotive Grade Linux project to advance new digital in-car capabilities.

“In the automotive industry, in-car digital services are opening up new revenue sources and pushing brands to become true experience businesses,” said Amit Ahuja, vice president of Emerging Businesses, Adobe Experience Cloud. “With consumer expectations at an all-time high, content has to be informed with data insights to satisfy individual preferences. As car rides transform into immersive, personalized digital experiences, Adobe gives brands the tools to be exceptional no matter where they engage the customer.”

The new tools

New analytics, content delivery and advertising capabilities by Adobe surely will help advance connected car from voice to driverless and beyond.
These new capabilities include:

Understanding Drive Time Behavior.- Adobe is extending its measurement capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud so brands can begin to capture behavioral signals in the car such as voice interactions. Merged with customer data from other channels, these insights will drive truly personalized experiences. For example, a recommendation service could deliver a fast food restaurant promotion based on location data and known preferences. With AI and machine learning in Adobe Sensei, brands have a better pulse on user behavior through automated analysis and recommendations. If a voice interaction failed and forced the driver to use the touchscreen for example, brands can be notified and improve the experience.

Delivering Personalized In-Car Content.- Data insights can be optimized and actioned through solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Experience Manager lets brands design, manage and serve contextual and engaging experiences such as music or news content on in-car screens. Adobe Target allows brands to perform and optimize different content variations in the car while Adobe Campaign gives brands a delivery platform for in-car messages in any format enabling regular one-on-one personalized engagement with drivers and passengers. A car maker could deliver a tailored audio message for a new and customized lease offer, for example.

Serving Targeted Audio Ads.- As top digital radio and streaming music apps continue to be added to the in-car experience, Adobe Advertising Cloud offers targeted buying of audio ads as part of its cross-channel offering. Advertisers can further personalize in-car audio ads using first-party data as well as a listener’s favorite artists and music genres. And once a driver hears an ad, marketers can retarget audiences across other channels – including video, display, social and search – to drive message recall and conversions.

A golden opportunity and a challege for brands, automakers and app developers

Just in th USA, consumers spend an average of 55 minutes each day driving inside their cars. As the ecosystem of connected, in-car services grows, stemming from advancements in voice interfaces, self-driving technology and infotainment system apps, consumer interest and expectations are on the rise. Auto makers and branded apps not only are being challenged but also have a golden opportunity in delivering seamless and personalized digital experiences for both drivers and passengers without sacrificing safety.

Image over the headline.- Adobe Experience Cloud. © Adobe.

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