Google’s Made with Code project encourages girls to code their own Xmas Emoji

Made with Code, Google’s project to help encourage girls’ love for science and technology has launched a new learning experiment: Emojify.

The new project lets girls code their own  Xmas/festive creative emoji using a menue based coding frame.

Made with Code project initiatives are based upon four facts:

1.- Just in the United States, 74% of girls and teen girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in middle school.

2.- By high school, only 0.3% of teen girls plan to major in Computer Science.


3.- CS jobs will be the highest-paying sectors over the next decade, paying almost $15K more than average.

4.- Encouragement from adults and peers is the #1 contributor to a teen girl’s decision to pursue Computer Science

Image over the headline.- Eastwind Editor and CEO “made by coded” Xmas emoji.

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