Global grand Effies 2021_Iridium_Retail_Nike Dream Crazy

Nike ‘Dream Crazy’, the most effective marketing action in the planet, that’s Effie Worldwide’s jury view

Effie Worldwide has elected Nike’s “Dream Crazy” the most effective campaign in the planet.
The Global Effie Celebration announced the winners of the first-ever Global Best of the Best Effies and the 2021 Global Multi-Region Effies, sponsored by Meta.

The Nike campaign “Dream Crazy”, created with Wieden+Kennedy Portland, not only won the first ever Iridium Effie, it also was presented the Global Grand Effie Award in the Retail category.

By showing how athletes could not only push themselves in sport, but also begin to change the culture around them, Nike captivated today’s youth generation and American culture at large. The campaign provoked an enormous cultural conversation and added over $6Bn in value to Nike stock.

“We have seen Nike following its sportsmanship and showing humanistic care and beliefs for diverse communities, even when encountering resistance and difficulties. It is, indeed, a beautiful, powerful, and most importantly, an effective case that is worthy of the Iridium Effie,” said Helen Luan, Corporate Vice President at Tencent and Global Best of the Best Effie Co-Chair.

“This was the perfect case to win the first ever Iridium Effie, smart yet sensitive strategy, compelling creativity and superb results…all delivered in a context where real courage was required and displayed,” added Carl Johnson, Founding Partner & Executive Chairman of Anomaly and Global Best of the Best Effie Co-Chair. “I love the introduction of the Iridium Effie as it challenges the very best agencies and marketers across the world to scale new heights in a way it’s the Everest of Awards.”

And the winners of the first ever Global Grand Effies were…

The Global Best of the Best Effies invited for the first time in the history of the Effies all Grand and Gold Effie winners from 2019 and 2020 Effie Awards competitions around the world to compete head to head to determine the most effective marketing efforts of the year. The competition has created two new tiers of recognition – the first-ever Global Grand Effies and the Iridium Effie, the single most effective marketing effort worldwide.
In the competition, 62 campaigns were selected to contend for the Global Grand Effie in their categories, from which 12 winners emerged following two rounds of judging.

“The Global Grand Effie winners are truly the best of the best, proving exceptional across Effie’s 4-pillar framework for marketing effectiveness. This work has not only been celebrated locally, but has stood up to a jury of peers across the globe. A big congratulations to all of this year’s winning teams,” said Traci Alford, Global CEO, Effie Worldwide.

The inaugural Global Grand Effies were awarded to:

1.- Brand Experience-Services: IKEA Russia & Instinct (BBDO Group) “Apartmenteka,” with ZBRSK

Global grand Effies 2021_Brand Experience-Services_IKEA Russia
To know more on this campaign, click here

2.- Commerce & Shopper Marketing: Restaurant Brands International’s Burger King & FCB New York & FCB/RED “The Whopper Detour,” with O Positive Films, Zombie Studio, Chemistry Creative & ABMC.

Global grand Effies 2021_ Commerce and Shopper Marketing_Burger King-Whopper Detour
To know more on this campaign, click here

3.- FMCG-Food & Beverage: Nestlé Mexico’s Nescafé & Bombay “Nescafé Tributo”.

Global grand Effies 2021_FMCG-Food and Beverage_Nescafé - Nestlé Mexico_tributo
To know more on this campaign, click here

4.- FMCG-Other: Procter & Gamble’s Tide & Saatchi & Saatchi New York “It’s a Tide Ad,” with Hearts & Science, Taylor Strategy, MKTG & Marina Maher Communications.

Global grand Effies_2021_FMCG-Other_its a tide ad
To know more on this campaign, click here

5.- Media, Entertainment & Leisure: The Walt Disney Company Latin America’s National Geographic and Wolf BCPP “Nat Geo Into The Dark. A trip to the eclipse,” with Agencia Opera Chile.

Global grand Effies 2021_Media-Entertainment and Leisure_National Geographic_Walt Disney_Into the eclypse
To know more on this campaign, click here

6.- Positive Change: Social Good-Brands: Black & Abroad & FCB/SIX “Go Back to Africa,” with Initiative, Glossy Inc., Grayson Matthews, Rooster Post.

Global grand Effies 2021_Positive Change_BlackandAbroad
To know more on this campaign, click here

7.- Positive Change: Social Good-Non-Profit: Street Grace & BBDO Atlanta “Gracie”.

Global grand Effies 2021_Positive Change_Street Gracie_02
To know more on this campign click here

8.- Restaurants: KFC Australia & Ogilvy Australia “Michelin Impossible,” with OPR Australia, MediaCom & Infinity Squared

Global grand Effies_Restaurants_KFC Australia_
To know more on this campaign, click here

9.- Retail: Nike & Wieden+Kennedy “Dream Crazy,” with Park Pictures, JOINT Editorial, A52 & Publicis Sapient.

Global grand Effies 2021_Iridium_Retail_Nike Dream Crazy_02
To know more on this campaign, click here

10.- Seasonal/Current Events: Microsoft & McCann New York “Changing the Game”.

Global grand Effies_Seasonal-Current Events_Microsoft changing the game McCann
To know more on this campaign, click here

11.- Sustained Success: Aldi UK & Ireland & McCann Manchester “Like Brands’ 2011-2018,” with UM Manchester.

Global grand Effies_2021_SUSTAINED SUCCESS_Aldi UK & Ireland
To know more on this campaign, click here

12.- Transportation, Travel & Tourism: Tourism New Zealand, Special Group New Zealand & Special Group Australia’s “Good Morning World”

Global grand Effies 2021_Transportation-ravel and Tourism_Tourism New Zealand hi world
More information on this campaign, click here

Image over the headline.- Nike “Dream Crazy”.© Nike/Wieden+Kennedy

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