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Moldy Whopper the most creative campaign in 2020 but not the most effective, Warc rankings show

When I saw the results obtained in Cannes Lions for the Moldy Whopper by David Miami/Ingo Stockholm for Burger, I already anticipated this: the campaign was on the way to becoming the most awarded of 2020. And so did happen at least in the WARC rankings published today.

I Drink it For You, Colenso BBDO for CB Exports low-carbon beer.© Colenso BBDO/CB Export.

WARC rankings, however also show that “there is life beyond the 2020 Moldy Whopper. The most effective campaign, for example, was, according to the WARC scores, I’m Drinking It for You by Colenso BBDO New Zealand, for the low carb beer brand of CB Export. Carat Auckland / Red Star was the agency that was in charge of the media plan and the dissemination of this creative work, that givesa new turn for low-carb beers and veberages. Better than centering the communication on the low-carb feature itself Colenso BBDO centers in the benefits that drinking a low-carb and therefore less fattening beer can bring for your couple. Drinking beer thus became by the twist added by Colenso BBDO into an act of selfless love of such importance that deserves a ballad to be sung.

While the creative 100 is dominated by Burger King, and WPP and the USA , the other two rankings Show a varied distribution of the three leading places.
By countries, the Three rankings are dominated by the USA, with UK in the second place for the Creative and the Media 100 and China in the 2nd spot for the Effective 100. The third place goes to Brazil in Creative, for China in edia and for India in the Effective 100 ranking.

Following the disruption to the awards industry caused by COVID-19 with many shows paused in 2020 and resuming in 2021 to judge two-years of work, the release of the full WARC Rankings 2021 were postponed from Q1 until now. The WARC Rankings 2022 (work tracked during 2021) will be released in Q1 next year.

Find below a summary of the rankings:

WARC Rankings 2020_Creative 100 and Effective 100
WARC Rankings 2020_Media 100

Amy Rodgers, Managing Editor, Research & Rankings, WARC, said: “The results of the WARC Rankings 2021 bring together the most awarded campaigns and companies of 2020 and are a fantastic showcase of a combination of the best work the industry produced pre-pandemic as well as exceptional work notable for its response to the volatility caused by Covid-19. Not only do these Rankings provide inspiration, but they bring recognition to outstanding campaigns and the talent of our industry.”

Image over the headline.- The Moldy Whopper (day 35) outdoor piece. © Burger King/ Ingo Stockholm.

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