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Eurobest 2020: Five Grands for a Moldy Whopper

Would you ever have thought that such a filthy stuff as mold would make an advertiser grab five Eurobest Grands?. Leaving aside Roquefort, blue or Cabrales cheeses, mustiness does not generate gourmet outcomes like these.

The Moldy Whopper campaign achieved Grand Prix in Outdoor, Film, Industry Craft, Integrated Campaigns, and Print&Publishing at Eurobest 2020.

The creative pieces show how the signature Whopper gets covered in mold after 28, 32, and 35 days out of the fridge.
Never before a restaurant chain could have even dreamt to brake the mold as that naturally covering a burger with no conservatives substances has done at Eurobest 2020.

Shocking, even repugnant, but on the image the moldy whopper stucks inside the mind of everyone that watch the ad pieces, showing in an unforgetable way the beautiful truth under the moldy burger, that Burger King has removed all artificial preservatives from its products in most of Europe, big areas in the US and particularly in Sweden.
Smaller budget than McDonald’s but as usually does The King the lack of money has been smartly compensated once more with a brave “king size idea” qith outstanding execution.

The anything but moldy campaign that has brought Burger King to the top at Eurobest 2020 is signed this time by three agencies: Ingo, Stockholm (with Björn Ståhl as ECD); David, Miami (with Pancho Cassis as the Global Creative Head); and Publicis Romania, Bucharest (with Bruno Bertelli, Jorg Riommi and Eduardo Marcues heading the creative team both globally and in Bucharest).

Image over the headline.- The Moldy Whopper (day 35) outdoor piece. © Burger King/ Ingo Stockholm.

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