Volodimyr Zelenskyy_Cannes Lions 2022

President Zelenskyy at Cannes Lions 2022.- “The end of this war deppends on World’s attention”

“…The end of this war deppends on World’s attention and that’s why we need allies. We need people like you. You are the most creative people in the world, allways on thecounting age, whether it is the refugee flag, or the fearless girl, or the ice buck challenge or the rivers of … Everytime you find words and images to reach the depth of the human soul, to make people talk about issues that would otherwise be overlooked.

I’m sure that you will do a lot more to promote Ukrainian bravery. Your campaigns and your work will make our fight for freedom more legendary. Because we are fighting not only for our own freedom, but for the freedom of the entire democratic world. For all of those who cannot even imagine the extent of tirany and censorship that exist in Russia.
Now you can bring peace to Europe simply employing your professional quality.

I Believe that the power of human creativity is greater than the power of nuclear State that is stuck in the past. Speak of Ukraine, don’t let the world switch to something else. The world must remember that Ukraine is fighting for freedom. This fight must end in our victoryas soon as possible. Your early success will mean saving thousands of lives.
Thak you. Glory to Ukraine,” this said President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenskyy yesterday addressing the advertising community at Cannes Lions 2022 through video-conference from Kiyv.

Capture from the Doves for peace’s pleading for donations for Ukraine rap video-clip.

According to the information on entry numbers unveiled by Cannes Lions organisers to the press on 17th June, there have been 402 entries from Ukraine which have been accepted free of charge and demonstrate the country’s commitment to creativity.

The support to Ukraine and the repulse of the international advertising community against Putin’s war and actions on this point has been evident and effective since the first economic sanctions were agreed by the USA, the European Union and other countries worldwide. I have already told about the measures taken by Cannes Lions, The One Club for Creativity and the main advertising multinationals in several posts published on Eastwind Marketing (find the links at the end of this information).

NFT artwork for sale at the Meta History Museum of War_by Serhii Holtvianskyi_cabecera
Detail of a NFT artwork by Serhii Holtvianskyi, which is for sale at the Meta History Museum of War of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine asked for the help of the world advertising community but there’s as well a good Ukrainian creative mine, specially in the digital field, willing to act, not only for war in Ukraine not being forgotten, but also for providing new ways to help the population and collect funds to end the war as quickly as possible. I have already told about some of these 100% Ukrainian creative digital initiatives on Eastwind Marketing and provide the links to the posts published below.

Image over the headline.- Volodimyr Zelenskyy (President of Ukraine) speaking at Cannes Lions 2022 (video-conference). caption from the video on his address published on the Facebook account of Cannes Lions International festival of creativity.

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