Space Invaders World Defense AR experience

Google launches Geospatial Creator, a tool to remotely create world-scale immersive AR experiences in the real world through just a few clicks

Google has just announced the launch of Geospatial Creator, a tool that helps anyone easily visualize, design, and publish world-anchored immersive content in minutes straight from platforms any developper already knows and love such as Unity or Adobe Aero.

Geospatial Creator gives anyone the superpower of creating world scale AR experience remotely. Both developers and creators can build and publish immersive experiences in minutes in countries where Photorealistic 3D Tiles are available. In just a few clicks, they can create applications that help communities, delight users, and provide solutions to businesses. When the physical world is augmented with digital content, it redefines the way people play, shop, learn, create, shop and get information.

Geospatial Creator in action
Pick from Geospatial Creator video launch. To wach the video click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

To give developers an idea of what they can achieve with these tools, Google has been working with partners in gaming, retail, and local discovery including Gap, Mattel, Global Street Art, Singapore Tourism Board, Gensler, TAITO, and more to build real world use cases.

Two AR experiences powered by ARCore and the new Geospatial Creator were announced by Google today: the launch of Space Invaders: World Defense game in real world in collaboration with TAITO later this summer and the Gap-Mattel cobranded AR experience at the iconic Times Square Gap Store.
Those are just some of the announcements made by Google at its 2023 Google I/O being currently held.

Both for Android and iOs supported devices

Powered by ARCore and Photorealistic 3D Tiles from Google Maps Platform, enables developers and creators to easily visualize where in the real-world they want to place their digital content, similar to how Google Earth or Google Street View visualize the world. Geospatial Creator also includes new capabilities, such as Rooftop anchors, to make it even easier to anchor virtual content with the 3D Tiles, saving developers and creators time and effort in the creation process.

Geospatial Creator in action_02
Geospatial Creator in action. © Google.

These tools help developers and creative proffesionals build world-anchored, cross-platform experiences on supported devices on both Android and iOS. Immersive experiences built in Adobe Aero can be shared via a simple QR code scan or link with no full app download required. Everything they create in Geospatial Creator can be experienced in the physical world through real time localization and real world augmentation.

Space Invaders: World Defense AR experience

As one of the first AR experiences powered by the new Geospatial Creator by ARCore, Google also announced today the launch Space Invaders: World Defense in collaboration with TAITO later this summer.

Space Invaders World Defense AR experience_cabecera
Pick from the Space Invaders World Defense AR experience video launch. To watch the video click on the link I provide below.

Space Invaders: World Defense marks the 45 year anniversary of the original release of Space Invaders, one of the most acclaimed Arcade games, is inspired by the original gameplay where players will have to defend the Earth from Space Invaders in their neighborhood. It will combine AR and 3D gameplay to deliver a fully contextual and highly engaging immersive experience able to connect multi-generations of players.

The interactive Gap x Barbie experience

Gap and Mattel will transform the iconic Times Square Gap Store into an interactive Gap x Barbie experience powered by Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero. Starting May 23, customers will see the store come to life with colors and shapes and be able to interact with Barbie and her friends modeling the new limited edition Gap x Barbie collection of clothing.

Other use cases: Live street art thanks to AR murals, immersive guided tour to explore singapore and pre visualisation of new urban projects by Gensler

Google Partner Innovation team partnered with Singapore Tourism Board to launch a preview of an immersive Singapore guided tour in their VisitSingapore app. Merli, Singapore’s tourism mascot, leads visitors on an interactive augmented tour of the city’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, beginning with the iconic Merlion Park and engaging visitors with an AR symphony performance at Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. The full guided tour is launching later this summer, and will help visitors discover the best local hawker food, uncover the city’s history through scenes from the past, and more.

Singapore AR guided tour
Pick from Singapore AR guided tour video launch. To watch the video click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

Google Arts & Culture partnered with Global Street Art and three world-renowned artists to augment physical murals in London (Camille Walala), Mexico City (Edgar Saner), and Los Angeles (Tristan Eaton). The artists used Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero to create the virtual experience, augmenting physical murals digitally in AR and bringing to life a deeper and richer story about the art pieces.

Streetart AR Murals
Pick fron the video of the Streetart AR Murals. To watch the video click on the link I provide below.

Gensler used Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero to help communities easily envision what new city projects might look like for the unhoused. The immersive designs of housing projects allows everyone to better visualize the proposed urban changes and their social impact ultimately bringing suitable shelter to those who need it.
Since last year, Google has extended the coverage of the ARCore Geospatial API from 87 countries to over 100 countries provided by Google’s Visual Positioning System and the expansion of Street View coverage, helping developers build and publish more transformative and robust location-based, immersive experiences.

Picks from the video of Skinny Ape (Immersive Live Performance in Times Square). To watch the video click on the link I provide at the end of this post.

Some case uses of the work deployed till the launch announced today are the innovative hackathon submissions from the ARCore Geospatial API Challenge or Google’s partnership with Gorillaz, where Times Square and Piccadilly Circus were transformed into a music stage to witness Gorillaz play in a larger-than-life immersive performance.

Today’s launch of Geospatial creator is an step forward in the aim to broaden access to these powerful resources and ensure anyone can create, visualize, and easyly deploy augmented reality experiences around the world remotely wherever the creator might be located.

Image over the headline.- Pick of the video announcement on the lauch of the Space Invaders: World Defense game. To watch the video, click on the link provided at the end of this post.

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